New Maps And Series Two Cards Live From Today In Gears Of War 4

The Coalition has confirmed that this month will see 280 new character and weapon skin cards will be added to Gears Of War 4, with all of these cards available in standard Gear packs as well as being craftable using Scrap. Season Pass holders will get a Series 2 airdrop from Friday which will include sixty random cards from the new set. Going forward every Friday Season Pass holders will receive a Bounty Gear pack too.

Along with the new cards are two maps that will be recognisable to long term Gears players. The first is Blood Drive with this one meshing together bits of the original Gears 2 map and the Gears 3 remodel. The second map is Clocktower, and both of these maps are available to Season Pass holders from today in the Developer playlist. Regular players will gain access on January 17th.


Quit Penalties are also being added to the game which will punish those who leave early, though there will be a limited time to rejoin a match in case you left due to a reason out of your control. Spectator Mode is also getting improvements which will relate more information to you as you watch.


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  1. Quit penalties are interesting, but ironically I haven’t found quiting a problem and the matchmaking is generally decent.

    Loving all the new content they’re chucking at us, especially that airdrop which gives us pass owners a bit extra. Currently been spending a ridiculous amount of time on just about everything in the game so far.

  2. Awesome booting that up now ^^

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