Resident Evil 7 Boss Guide

Resident Evil 7 features some challenging, and surprisingly unconventional boss fights. While some require you to think outside the box, others impose strange new features to accompany the existing fighting mechanics. During our first playthrough, there were definitely times when we felt helpless or as though we were simply missing something. We realise not everyone is quite as patient, so we put together this handy guide for those who need a little help taking down the Baker family.

Below is an expandable list of the boss encounters – the boss names have been removed, though – so just click or tap on the relevant boss fight location, and all shall be revealed to you. Obviously, there’s a veritable minefield of spoilers once you get beyond the trailer.

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Spoiler Warning!


A Baker in the Garage

The first boss battle is against Jack, and as with many of the boss fights in Resi 7, fighting him for the first time can feel like a war of attrition. It doesn’t take long to realise that there’s something strange about the Baker household and here you get a much closer look at Jack’s inhuman pain tolerance.

Another thing to note about most of the bosses is that they actually move quite slowly while deliberately getting caught on their surroundings, often giving the player enough time to run away, wheel round, and unload a few shots.

When the garage brawl begins, it’s best to get feel for how Jack moves, pacing around the area until you feel comfortably out of reach. Ethan’s only weapon is a flimsy pocket knife though the freshly-mutilated deputy lying on the floor has a handgun next to his body. Simply lure Jack away – running around the parked car does the job – before making a grab for the pistol.

Don’t expect the fight to suddenly become much easier. Learning to effectively aim the handgun takes time, and even if you do land a flurry of headshots, these will only stagger Jack for a moment. If you’re light on your feet, don’t waste your bullets.

Instead, you need to hunt for a set of car keys, which are out in the open on a table by the wall to the car’s left. Then, once there’s enough distance between you, jump in the driver’s seat of Jack’s car. Predictably, Ethan doesn’t get to drive off into the sunset. Daddy Baker will quickly grab and launch him across the room before getting in himself.

Now the boss fight takes a bizarre turn. Despite being in a fairly confined space, Jack will attempt to run you down in the car, either directly or by swinging his back end out. All you can really do is keep out of his way, reading the car’s movements and where it might turn. Dodging the car will also give you a small window to stab/shoot at him but this isn’t completely necessary.

He’ll keep on driving for what feels like a good few minutes before ploughing into the garage wall one final time, the hood going up in flames. The battle is effectively over, so just move away from the burning vehicle and watch as it blows up.


A Baker in the Workshop

After trudging through a fairly tough section of the game, the second encounter with Jack is bound to frustrate. Prepare to die quite a few times as you slowly get a feel for his new routine. Each time you fall, you’ll feel better prepared for the next attempt.

We’d recommend at least two first aid packs and at least a dozen or so rounds of handgun ammunition. If you’re short on either, there’s a green herb and chem bag in the same area as the fighting pit. Make sure you’re stocked up before triggering the battle.

After grabbing the final dog head needed to open the mansion’s front door, Jack will launch you into a pit before leaping down, axe in hand. This first phase is fairly straightforward; simply move back a little before firing off some headshots. If you’re not the best sharpshooter, you may want to let him swing around before lining up an easy shot. You’ll notice three bodybags hanging from the ceiling too. Kicking these into Jack will knock him off balance, but only for a couple of seconds.

Once he takes enough damage, he’ll fall to his knees before regenerating. We used this as an opportunity to whip out the knife and slash at him until he stands back up. Jack will now walk to the edge of the workshop, towards the wired fence. You can keep using the knife as he does so, but be sure to stay behind him – he might just grab and throw you, dealing a small amount of damage.

From the fence, he’ll pull out a crazy-looking cross between a chainsaw and a pair of scissors! It’s intimidating, and if you’re not careful, it can kill you in a single blow, even at full health. Use your remaining pistol rounds to pop off several more headshots, forcing him into a vulnerable state. Naturally, that’s easier said than done, as the scissor-saw can wave and shield his head.

Take some time to read his attack patterns and how they are telegraphed. Jack has three main attacks in this state:

  • When the blades are vertical, he can sometimes rush you which can be avoided by sprinting away.
  • A three-swing combo. The animation and noise makes it easy to recognise, giving you plenty of time to step back.
  • When he’s holding the blades horizontally at chest-height. He’ll run in a straight line and if he catches you between them, you’re a dead man.

Once you find your rhythm, shoot him until he falls to the ground before immediately sprinting over to the chain fence. Here you’ll find a chainsaw of your own. Despite feeling like an immediate advantage, the chainsaw can actually make you more vulnerable if you’re not careful.

While it’s tempting to hammer the trigger and let Jack have it, you’re safest bet is to back off and wait for an opening. Whenever he attacks, sidestep around him, slashing him one or two times depending on how much time you have. Jack will quickly react, swinging his scissors in a deadly arc.

If you haven’t already learned how melee counters works, then now is the time. Pressing the left shoulder button as an attack is about to land will mitigate most of the damage. It’s worth noting that Jack can also deflect frontal attacks, throwing the player off balance.

Keeping applying the same technique and he’ll continue to stop and regenerate. Like before, this is when he’s most vulnerable. As the flesh starts to heal, keep hacking away to deal the most damage. Also, make sure your own health is kept above orange by using first aid meds and green herbs. Keep an eye on the chainsaw’s engine light too – it will run out after extended use, forcing you to restart it. Either of these actions can take a few seconds, so be careful!


A Baker in the Greenhouse

Compared to the first two battles, this one is much easier. Trapped in a confined space, Marguerite will stand at the top of the exit ladder, waving that annoying lantern of her’s. When she does so, it will summon a swarm of smaller bugs that can only killed using a flamethrower. Two or three larger bugs will also appear, though you may want to use the knife/pistol to get rid of these particular pests.

At the same time, you’ll need to keep shooting Marguerite to reduce her health. Several headshots will force her to keel over, giving you time to reload or kill off any nearby bugs. As soon as she gets to her feet, rinse and repeat. Wait too long and she’ll use the lantern to call more bugs so accuracy and timing are key.

After a few minutes of this she’ll fall into the pit next to you. As her body decomposes, it will slowly fill the pit with reddish ooze, dealing damage to Ethan if you stick around for too long.


A Baker in the Greenhouse

By the fourth boss fight, another encounter with Marguerite, you should have noticed a few things about how boss battles work in Resident Evil 7. With no health bars, it’s hard to tell when you opponent is on their last legs, forcing you to look for less obvious visual clues.

When tackling Marguerite for a second time, these can be hard to spot. Since your last encounter, Mommy Baker has mutated somewhat, her arms and legs protruding into insect-like appendages. She can also crawl along walls and ceilings, and if left alone, will occasionally spawn pesky flies from her hive-like womb.

The best advice we can give is to make sure you have enough ammunition for both your pistol and flamer. You can also return to the main house at this point and use your special keys to unlock Grandma’s room on the second floor. Here you will find some supplies next to a broken shotgun. You can take this broken shotgun to the statue in the atrium, swapping it for the working shotgun weighing down the door switch. While it’s useful, we managed to fend Marguerite off with just the flamer and handgun.

As always you’ll want to maintain a good distance, avoiding attacks while staying close enough to land some shots to her head and stomach. Marguerite’s lunge attack is by far her most deadly, rending a chunk from your health with each hit. Before she jumps there’s a brief wind-up, giving you just enough time to fall back and counter. Given the flamer’s short range, you’ll need to get dangerously close to Marguerite in order to deal some serious damage. Just be sure to keep an eye on her as you do so.

She’ll occasionally scurry to other parts of the greenhouse building your in before quietly stalking you for a surprise attack. This brief downtime should be used to search between the nooks and crannies for items and ammunition. Be sure to keep some fuel in your flamer as this is needed to purge the small bug swarms blocking your access to certain cabinets. Just be warned that Marguerite also makes good use of this time, often summoning a pair of giant flies that need to be dealt with.

Keep using the same tactics and she’ll eventually go down.


A Baker in the Escape Room

Instead of gunning down the Baker’s boy, you’ll engage with Lucas in a test of wits. Once you’ve manage to survive his homemade gauntlet and the bloated Molded that waits at the end, he’ll invite you into an escape room. Thing is, you’ll need to store away all the items you’re carrying.

That isn’t the first step to this battle, however. Before even stepping into the room, you’ll need to have played the “Happy Birthday” video tape found in the previous area – without it, this fight is impossible to complete. Like the other tapes, it gives you flashbacks from another character’s perspective. This time, we play as Clancy, having been captured by Lucas and thrown into the game room.

This list outlines each step of the puzzle:

  • Take the candle being held by the clown robot thing in the first room.
  • Have a look around, then go to the back room where the birthday cake is sitting on a table.
  • Go back to the first room and retrieve the telescope from the toilet (gross!)
  • Light the candle using the stove in the kitchen.
  • Use the lit candle on the rope securing the door on the opposite side of the kitchen.
  • Go through this door and find the yellow balloon. It’s on the floor about halfway down the right wall.
  • Use the balloon on the exposed pipe in the kitchen.
  • Equip the dirty telescope and walk under the shower that connects the kitchen and cake room.
  • Use it again to look at the television screens next to the kitchen. Make a note of the three symbols.
  • Go into the cake room and enter the three symbols on the locked cabinet.
  • Go up to the barrel and remove the winding key.
  • Take the wicker man doll from the cabinet and use him on the stove. This will give you the doll finger.
  • Use the doll finger on the clown.
  • Use the feather quill from the yellow balloon on the clown.
  • Use the winding key on the clown.
  • Go back to the balloon room and enter the password for the final locked door.
  • Go inside and retrieve the valve.
  • Return to the cake room and use this valve to switch off the shower.
  • Light your candle once more on the stove.
  • Use this candle on the cake.
  • Die an agonising, excruciating death.

Once you’ve complete the VHS, you’re ready to breeze your way through Ethan’s own attempt. Needless to say, if you do exactly the same steps, you’ll die just the same way Clancy did. We made the mistake of ignoring the “Happy Birthday” video tape – doing so makes Lucas’ trial IMPOSSIBLE to complete.

Because Ethan has watched Clancy insert the password to the balloon room door, all you need to do is go in there, retrieve the valve, and repeat the final few steps of our walkthrough. Without needing to use the winding key, the barrel in the cake room no longer spills oil on the floor, igniting when the cake explodes.

Instead, Ethan will drop to the ground. Realising he’s been outsmarted, Lucas will toss a timed explosive into the cake room. Simply walk over to it, remove a piece of wood covering the nearby wall, throw the dynamite in, and there you have it!


A Mutant Baker in the Boathouse

Jack is back for a third time, but he’s a little bit different. This one’s pretty straightforward, aping the kind of boss design commonly seen in action adventure games and shooters. The area you find yourself in is split between two tiers with a precarious walkway hanging above a waterlogged basement. Jack’s mutated form is pretty big now, and therefore has a decent attack range, swinging his arms and tail to deal moderate damage.

If you didn’t immediately figure it out, you need to shoot the puss-filled eyeball protrusions that appear all over Jack’s body. How many shots they take to destroy depends on their size and the weapon you carry. We’d recommend nailing the biggest eyes up close using the shotgun while using the pistol to hit those that are harder to spot.

Don’t be afraid to drop into the space below the floorboards. You’ll find some items here as well as a good position to shoot the eyes on Jack’s underside. As long as you keep your distance and watch for his attack wind-up, there’s enough time to sprint away before returning fire. Although it’s tempted, going back up the ladder to the above area is risky. If Jack is still mobile, he’ll swat you down, the drop taking its toll on your health bar.

Overall, it’s a fairly easy encounter, but using a couple of flame grenades to initiate can make things even simpler. Be sure to target a cluster of eyes for maximum impact – the explosion has a decent area of impact and will continue to deal fire damage over time.

Once he’s taken enough damage, Jack will break away and retreat to the ground floor. After burrowing his way down he’ll reappear, boxing you into a small space. There’s little room to move and his arm sweeps are harder to avoid. What you should do here is adopt an all-out offensive, targeting the Jack’s remaining eye. Using several shots of enhanced handgun ammo was enough to finish him off without landing a hit.


A Baker in the Guest House

The Eveline boss battle comes in two parts, neither of which are particularly challenging. When Ethan finally tries to confront her, she’ll let out a piercing scream that throws him back. All you need to here is make your way back towards her, blocking the screams with a well-timed guard. There’s enough time between each one for a small sprint, until you’re close enough to inject her with the serum. This part of the battle lasting no more than a minute.

Upon injecting Eveline, she’ll turns the entire Baker mansion into a twisting, oozy horror. In the same room a giant gnawing head will appear before making its way towards you. Instinctively you’ll want to shoot at it, but this doesn’t seem to do much. Eveline will draw near, triggering a cutscene that blasts Ethan from the Baker house into the yard outside.

Once again, this final stage is easy enough. Eveline will reach down with her giant arms, drawing you closer and closer. A dozen or so well placed shots to the head forces her to drop you. At this point, the fight is effectively over.

You’ll receive a call telling you to grab the military-looking case next to you and use what’s inside to finish her off. Needless to say, it packs a punch. Keep hitting the white fleshy areas and Eveline will solidify into a husk before crumbling to dust.

Congratulations, you’ve just managed to beat Resident Evil 7!

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