EU PS Store update 07/02/17 – Nioh, I Expect You To Die & How To Survive 2

There’s actually quite a bit more out this week than I had realised! Nioh is obviously the biggest game to land on the PlayStation Store, as the latest PS4 exclusive to come out of Japan, and one that will appeal to the many Dark Souls fans out there, but there’s a few other things that might tickle your fancy as well.

PSVR owners eagerly looking for something more to play will likely latch onto I Expect You To Die, a quirky little game death defying first person espionage. Alternatively, you can also not die in How To Survive 2, or dish out death in the last For Honor beta, ahead of next week’s release.


Lessening the stakes quite a bit, there’s always the more relaxing Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker, which comes to PS4 this week.

Today’s also when the latest PlayStation Plus freebies go live, which include:

Here’s the full list from the EU PS Blog:


PS Vita

  • Uncanny Valley
    8th February


6th February

How to Survive 2

7th February

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone

World of Tanks

8th February


  • Season Pass
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  1. Just the plus stuff for me this week, might try the For Honor open beta too.

  2. I don’t even understand all this pixel game nonsense. I could understand the odd game or two, harking back to the old days, but the PS store is getting absolutely inundated with them.
    That sums up my thoughts on this week’s store update!

  3. Starwhal doesn’t appear to be free yet

    • For some strange reason, Starwhal counts as one of the 2 PS3 offerings, but the PS3 version isn’t free. There’s a PS3/PS4 cross-buy bundle though, and that one turned free just after 11 this morning.

      • Ah! I copied the link from the PS+ section of the store. It’s now been sorted there and here.

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