All The Announcements From The Nintendo Switch Nindie Showcase

Despite the turbulence of their last few years, Nintendo have got a lot of good friends and partners in the indie development scene, regularly helping to push these smaller games to the fore. With the Nintendo Switch, it feels like they’re going to be leaning on those kinds of partnerships even more, as demonstrated by today’s “Nindie” showcase.


There’s some pretty good games on this list, both old and new, many with exclusive features, timed exclusivity periods and even an example of outright exclusivity with Runner3. Here’s all the announcements from today and a handful of trailers to go alongside them!

  • Runner3 – Sequel to BIT.TRIP RUNNER and Runner2, there’s quests, branching paths, item shops, new Retro Challenges, new character moves, new dance moves and more in what is a Switch exclusive out this autumn.
  • SteamWorld Dig 2 – A direct sequel to the breakout hit SteamWorld Dig, it’s out on Switch this summer.

  • Flipping Death – Coming from Stick it to The Man devs Zoink Games, it’s another quirky adventure, in which Death goes on holiday and you have to deal with the ghosts and deaths in Flatwood Peaks. It’s for Switch and other unannounced platforms later this year.

  • Stardew Valley – The hit farming game is coming to Switch this summer, with the console to be the first to get the game’s new coop modes.
  • WarGroove – This turn-based strategy has more than a little bit of an Advance Wars vibe to it, with local and online multiplayer for up to four players. It’s set for launch later this year.
  • Overcooked: Special Edition – Bundling the main game with all its DLC content, there’s up to four player local multiplayer in this excellent couch co-op game from last year. This port adds in HD Rumble support.
  • Yooka-Laylee – we already knew this was coming to Switch, but the platform will also have multiplayer functionality on Switch.
  • The Escapists 2 – Sequel to the popular prison escape game, it features drop-in/drop-out co-op for up to four players, coming out later this year.
  • Celeste – Coming from the creators of Towerfall, you have to journey to the top of a mountain and uncover its secrets.

  • Kingdom: Two Crowns – It’s one of our favourite kingdom builders of recent times, now with two player co-op on Switch, set for release later this year.
  • Blaster Master Zero – Mixing side-scrolling vehicular combat with top-down adventuring, this third game in the series launches exclusively on Switch and 3DS on 9th March.

  • GoNNER – A very intriguing sounding game, GoNNER tells a story of friendship between Ikk, Death and a space whale named Sally. The console version launches first on Nintendo Switch later this year, with additional content specific to the machine.
  • Pocket Rumble – A 2D fighter for players to battle anywhere, anytime, making us of the HD rumble to help distinguish between the strength of each blow that’s landed. A console exclusive for Switch, it’s out in March.
  • Dandara – A great sounding 2D platformer with 360º movement in a gravity-bending world, it’s up to Dandara to restore order. Out for Nintendo Switch this summer it has exclusive features and functionality, including HD rumble.
  • Mr. Shifty – Take on a teleportation-based heist to break into the world’s most secure facility. Mr. Shifty can shift through walls, bullets, and more, but get it wrong and let a bullet hit you and you’re dead. Out first for Switch this April, there’s HD rumble support so you can feel every punch, shot and crash.

  • Shakedown: Hawaii – 16-bit Spiritual successor to Retro City Rampage, this is coming first to Switch in April

  • Graceful Explosion Machine – Pilot the Graceful Explosion Machine (GEM) fighter and blast away at the crystalline enemies. It’s out this April.

  • Tumbleseed – You’re a seed trying to save its home in this physics-based puzzler, coming to Switch this spring.
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  1. You had me worried with Runner 3 there. Sounds like it’s not really an exclusive at all, just Switch first and “nothing to announce beyond that, currently”.

    So that’ll be it coming to every other platform afterwards then.

    • “So that’ll be it coming to every other platform afterwards then”

      Which is more than you’re possible of doing I might add.

    • The only line is that “The game is scheduled to launch exclusively for Nintendo Switch this autumn.”

      So, just depends how you want to read that sentence, I guess.

      • The developers said on Twitter…

        “We are currently only working on the Switch version. Nothing to announce beyond that, currently!”

        Which, given that the previous 2 games are available on the PS4, PC, and probably other things, suggests “timed exclusive, but we’re not allowed to say so”. Especially with the word “currently” being there twice.

        Fairly standard practice these days, isn’t it?

        And I’ve just realised that “exclusively (…) this autumn” is the exact same shenanigans MS were up to with Rise of the Tomb Raider. Which then turned up on the PS4. So are Nintendo going down the MS route of lying/deliberate ambiguity? (I’m sure Sony have done it too)

  2. I have a switch on pre order along with Zelda which I’m picking up Friday.
    Does anyone know if wii & wii u games be available to purchase digitally? Or will this be something they will/may Implement at a later Date?

    • They won’t be available at launch.

      They haven’t spoken about making them available and the difference in control schemes might make them difficult to port anyway.

  3. It’s great news, I’ve always felt indie games have been at home on portable consoles. Yooka-Laylee and Stardew Valley stand out on the advert image.

    I wonder if we couldn’t perhaps see some TellTale games further down the line, seeing as they are easy to run and would offer a great experience whilst travelling.

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