Some Retailers Are Struggling To Deliver Nintendo Switch On Time

We’re loving the Nintendo Switch, with a very well designed console that does its own thing and the simply sublime Breath of the Wild, but what we don’t love is retailers not managing to fulfil orders in time and deliver consoles and games on day one. We’re not terribly big fans of the pre-order culture in the games industry right now, but if people do pre-order, you expect things to be delivered.

Game have often been considered something of a go-to company for hardware purchases, but conflicting reports suggest that they’re struggling to get all the Switch pre-orders to customers on launch day. As you can see, there’s a fair few disgruntled people on the now traditional platform for venting rage: Twitter.


However, Eurogamer have also reported of someone who got in touch with Game’s customer support team and was assured that, while their order was not able to be tracked, it was merely down to the packages not having been scanned. In their case, the order should still arrive today.

Elsewhere, Amazon have also added to day one delivery dismay, doom and disappointment. Eurogamer have people reporting that their copies of Zelda will only be arriving on Monday, and our own Dave is also having his console and game arrive separately, though his game is set to arrive tomorrow instead of after the weekend. Having had our review console without any games for nearly a whole week, I can definitely sympathise.

How about you? If you’ve ordered a Switch, is everything turning up on time, or are you stuck without some or all of what you’ve bought?

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  1. My Switch (and Zelda) is waiting for me in my local GameStop, but I’m in a different city waiting for my supervisor to be free for a meeting…

    Looks like I won’t be home in time to pick it up today.

  2. No problems at all picking mine up from a bricks and mortar Game store – they arrived in a couple of days ago. They even had a couple to sell I think…

  3. Ah man, that strapline definitely should’ve said Nintendon’t!

  4. Picked mine up in town at a midnight launch. The couple of things I ordered from Amazon arrived lunchtime.

    Only had the chance to play Bomberman so far, it’s very much a standard Bomberman game but the camera is headache inducing.

  5. My Switch arrived earlier today from Game’s courier. Zelda is currently scheduled to arrive tomorrow, but this is Amazon we’re talking about and that could change. Hopefully by moaning at them yesterday that it arrives on time.

  6. I’ve got one coming from Amazon Prime now, ordered it 20 mins ago. The Frimley depot has some in stock so if you’re in the M3 area and have Amazon Prime you should be OK.

  7. I got all my bits from my local Game and picked them up at the midnight launch.

    Only issue I have had is Game didn’t get the cases in yet so awaiting new on that.

  8. Hmm, Game failing to deliver stuff on time again? That is very unsurprising. Amazon is a bit surprising as they tend to be very reliable unless it’s Yodel then who knows when it arrives.

    Doesn’t help Nintendo due to their habit of restricting the amount of units available to a stupid amount.

    Bit of a massive blunder to not have scanned the orders in.

    I’m quite surprised Nintendo didn’t send a copy of Zelda with the review console.

  9. According to “Sony has launched a campaign of lightning reduction of PS4 in front of the launch of Nintendo Switch. Reduced to €199 in stores in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands or Belgium”. No reports for UK yet.

    • You can easily buy a PS4 slim bundle for £199 at the moment.

      The funny thing is why would anyone want a PS4 instead. If you want a Switch then you want a Switch, PS4 or its games simply don’t compare.

    • The UK seems to have nice deals on bundles everywhere instead. Amazon have the 500GB slim, Horizon: Zero Dawn and a 2nd controller for £229. So £84 of bundled bits, bringing the cost of the PS4 down to £145. Which is cheaper than those foreign deals. Game will even throw in a 2 month Now TV, whatever Sky are calling their movie channels this week thing too. So effectively a £130 PS4.

      So now matter how good the limited selection of Switch games, or what “interesting” flavour they are, how is it going to not turn out to be a Wii U2.

      • You can actually get that bundle for 199 in most places. I would’ve swapped out my standard PS4 for a white slim at that price, but it has no optical out and no additional features. Extra money for a downgrade.

        The Pro has a good Horizon deal too, but that’s significantly more expensive of course.

    • I just looked at the price for the console and didn’t look at the bundle deals, my bad.
      Then again if you live in Belgium, Germany or Holland….:)

  10. Surprised given the number of cancelled preorders

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