Bioware Makes Wonky Faces Permanent In Pirated Copies Of Mass Effect Andromeda

It’s safe to say that Mass Effect Andromeda has had one of the rockiest launches we’ve seen for a game this generation. Bioware faced a number of criticisms over its poorly executed facial animations and performance of the game, especially considering the game was in development for five years. The developer has since begun addressing and fixing performance, animations and the re-balancing of the combat meta since the first of these updates launched last Thursday.

Compounding their launch woes, DSO Gaming reported that the game also initially shipped with an out of date version of the Denuvo anti-tamper technology on PC, which allowed players to crack and pirate the game within 13 days of its release. While the last Mass Effect Andromeda patch notes never mentioned this (for good reason), it actually incorporates the newest version of the Denuvo DRM, which has yet to be cracked, to prevent further piracy problems.


So what happens to those that pirated the game beforehand? Well, they’re stuck with wonky faces indefinitely. It’s obviously a horrible punishment, but piracy rarely goes unnoticed in this industry. Perhaps this was Bioware’s plan all along? Though DRM can sometimes overstep the mark, if you want the best experience, we recommend you buy a legitimate copy of the game once you’re happy with its updates.

Source: DSO Gaming via VG247

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  1. Rockiest launches this generation??? Have we already forgotten about Driveclub and No Man’s Sky??

    • I didn’t imply it was the only one, but Mass Effect: Andromeda is one of the rockiest game releases of this generation for sure.

      • It’s certainly up there in regard to the general negativity that seems to be floating around it.

    • You could probably throw Battlefront in there too. Of all those listed, Drive Club is was by far the worst, with people actually gaining refunds for false advertisement and all sorts.

      Personally I’m absolutely loving Mass Effect even with its problems and I think many of the issues have been massively blown out of proportion.

      • Yeah, I think it became the in thing to hate on Mass Effect and exaggerate it’s problems. Besides the iffy faces I’ve had no actual issues.

  2. *looks at No Man’s Sky, AC:Unity* On a scale of Ubisoft to Bethesda, it seems ME:A is somewhere between a Bethesda Softworks developed game and Ubisoft when they don’t give a feck about quality control. I mean, i’ve not heard any serious bugs but it is quite a buggy game with animation issues. If it had more bugs, more game breakers, i would put it up near the Bethesda end of the scale.

    As for the piracy measure, yeaaaah, I don’t believe that. It’s just EA/Bioware trying to put a spin on a shockingly shoddy product and no doubt, someone will pirate the patch.

    *sigh* This is the part where EA runs Bioware to the ground isn’t it? That or their C team are a bunch of utter Cs. That is, Crappy developers. I mean, Bioware and quality tend to go together like a burger and bun. This time, they used horsemeat and a piece of paper with a picture of a bun.

    So erm…. #feckEAandBiowareCteam?

    I think Bioware may want to reconsider having three teams if this is the standard we are to expect. :(

  3. Well it hasn’t stopped our own Bony ‘o man.That guy has bypassed the negatives and ploughed on through the game like a man possessed.Good on him though,i might have to take a second look again myself after i’ve played Dragon’s Dogma.

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