Race The Sun Will Support PSVR From April 18th

Flippfly has confirmed that it’s rather fantastic endless runner style game Race The Sun will be adding PSVR support on April 18th, along with a new Sunrise mode, first person camera option, and new portal destinations. Race The Sun originally released on PC in 2013 before making its way to the PS4, PS3, and Vita in 2014. A couple of years ago it landed on Wii U, and next week will see the Xbox One release.

Sunrise Mode removes the challenge of the regular mode allowing you fly through the air in a more relaxed setting, instead of dodging obstacles as the action speeds up. The first person mode will be available in both regular and VR versions of the game. When it comes to the portals found in stages they will now take you to one of five destinations instead, with the destination changing daily.

Source: PS Blog

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