Streamer Beats Prey in Under 20 Minutes

Despite releasing only three days ago, speedrunner DraQu has beaten the sci-fi shooter Prey in just under 20 minutes. 19 minutes 34 seconds to be precise. DraQu uses GLOO to build and insane amount of blocks in the air and essentially break the whole game, but by doing this, he’s able to access locations that wouldn’t be available until at least a few hours into the campaign. It has to be seen to be believed – Watch this incredible speedrun at your own risk, spoilers ahead:

Source: Kotaku

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  1. Wow, and whats more amazing to me, is that you can places where he could easily have done it quicker, so I expect that time to come down quite a bit (assuming the exploit doesn’t get patched out, ofc)

  2. I appreciate speed runs more when someone actually plays the game from start to finish.

    This type of speed run where players boast that they beat Dark Souls in 10 minutes because they back-flipped through a wall and ran ‘behind the scenes’ to the final boss, seems kind of pointless to me.

    It’s like saying you completed the London Marathon in 10 minutes because you jumped in a Ferrari. It’s cheating.

  3. Holy crap i played the demo in two sessions and got about 3 hours combined out of that! xD

  4. This was a time when this would not have been regarded as beating the game so why is considered that now. He has not beat the game at all, he has cheated.

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