Tropico 6 Announced For Release In 2018

As the world goes a little doolally all around you, the banana republics that feature in the long standing Tropico series can make hay while everyone else is distracted by political turmoil and social unrest. Can you lead your country to greatness?


Coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2018, there’s a few details that can be gleaned from the trailer, such as the modern day setting – the radio mentions the UK leaving the EU, and your dictator picks up a smart phone from his desk – and that we don’t know who the developer is.

Tropico has always been developed by Haemimont Games, so I only raise the point because that developer is already rather busy. They’ve been putting the finishing touches on Victor Vran: Overkill Edition, which is just about to release, and have just announced Surviving Mars with Paradox Interactive as their publisher.

I expect we’ll find out more in a couple of weeks, when E3 rolls around.

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  1. I enjoyed Tropico 5 when I picked it up cheap on a PSN sale so I hope this is as good.

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