Skyrim On Nintendo Switch Will Feature Amiibo Support, Play While Dressed As Link

Bethesda showed Skyrim running on the Nintendo Switch at its E3 conference, and while doing so confirmed that this version of the game will feature Amiibo support when it released Holiday 2017. This was shown with the Dragonborn wearing Link’s outfit. There was also confirmation other character Amiibos will be supported, with those adding loot from games such as Super Smash Bros and The Legend of Zelda series.

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    Thught that fad died years ago.

    And naturally, Zelda items will be in Skyrim:Switc….. ok, we need to think of better initials. TSS? Skyrim:Mario got an arrow edition.

    I’ve heard it has waggle controls. Goddamnit, Nintendo.(If true). You got a massive RPG and get waggle controls put in. Goddamnit.

    But what version is it? Is it a port of the original version or a port of the recent remaster with it? (With it being scaled down in certain areas due to limits of the switch).

    By god, there will be a Nintendoy game that allows fully nudity! Holy feck! If it does allow mods.

    I know. It sounded silly the second I said it. Oh Nintendo, get with the times. :P

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