Meet Marcus In Detroit: Become Human’s Cinematic E3 Trailer

PlayStation has just shown off a new cinematic trailer for Detroit: Become Human at its PlayStation E3 conference. As always with David Cage games, it focuses on decision making which will in-turn affect other characters and the world around you. The cinematic trailer is pretty long and highlights three characters with a section of decision making, so we’ll keep this short and sweet and let you enjoy the footage.

Source: PlayStation’s E3 conference

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  1. What was shown during the conference for this game got me a lot more interested. Was hoping for a 2017 release, but no mention probably means next year now.

  2. Is that Dr Avery from Grey’s Anatomy?

    I’ve enjoyed Cage’s other games so I’ll definitely be playing this.

  3. This looks so awesome i can’t wait, love everything QD have done on Playstation.

  4. Little underwhelming but I believe in Quantic Dream.

  5. Was that a (very subtle) mention of Valorie Curry (who was in the original “Kara” short on PS3) @ 4:22?

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