Phil Spencer: PlayStation 4 Pro Is Not A Competitor To Xbox One X

After a relatively quiet period with Sony and Microsoft congratulating each other with announcements and launches, Xbox’s Phil Spencer has told Eurogamer that he sees the PlayStation 4 Pro as a competitor to the Xbox One S, not the Xbox One X.

“If you just look at the specs of what this box is, it’s in a different league than any other console that’s out there,” said Phil. “When I think about techniques to somehow manufacture a 4K screen like what some other consoles try to do, this is different than that.”

He is of course absolutely right, the Xbox One X is more powerful that the PlayStation 4 Pro, but the Pro is certainly a step above the Xbox One S. Eurogamer also asked the big question, as Xbox One X is more powerful will developers bother to use the extra resources, or will they just keep the same specs used for the PlayStation 4 Pro. After all, creating a third version of a game will incur extra time and money.

“I will give you an honest answer”, says Phil. “Xbox One X is the most powerful console ever built, and this fall it will be the most powerful console in the market. There’s nothing technically that would keep any game a console game maker is building who wants to take advantage of the capability here from making Xbox One X the very best version of every one of those games.”

“I don’t know what deals get written,” he adds. “I’ve been pretty open about, I’m not a fan of doing deals that hold back specific pieces of content from other platforms. You don’t see that in the deals we’ve done with Assassin’s and Shadow. We’ll have a marketing deal on those, but I don’t say, hey, I need some kind of Strike or skin somebody else can’t play.”


Source: Eurogamer

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  1. All about the games and those ‘exclusives’ for Xbox. Granted the new Xbox is a beast but will it have new IPs to take advantage of it? Here’s hoping.

    • PS4 isn’t even v in the same league as Xbox one X

      PS4 has games…..

  2. Well they used to hold back content from other platforms due to exclusivity deals, back in the day when they had the most popular platform, so perhaps they should reconsider their stance on that?

    Also, XBoxOneX may well be more powerful than ps4 Pro, but quite clearly they are direct competition as they are both the upgraded versions of their lesser counterparts.

    It would appear Phil Spencer is on crack, or some other hardcore substance.

    • He seems to be practicing the same style of talking that Trump enjoys, which is talking like a nob. Not very nice really, but at least we have Nintendo to look forward to tonight, lots of polite, respectful Japanese good manners!

    • “I’ve been pretty open about, I’m not a fan of doing deals that hold back specific pieces of content from other platforms.” He’s only been head of Xbox since 2014, so there was some holdover of signed deals with ROTTR timed exclusivity and The Division timed content last year, both of which will have been signed well before either game was made public.

      The proof will obviously be if Microsoft become market leader again under Spencer’s leadership, and how they then handle themselves.

      • But my point was, maybe it was partly because of all those exclusivity deals that got them market leadership in the first place?

        Maybe they should try and go back to that model.

      • I think the problem with exclusivity deals is the same as with climate change and nuclear weapons. It only works if everyone stops doing it.

        While it admirable MS may have stopped it, as of now they just look like the ones with no games.. It’s a shame, but I hope the other platforms follow suit and then we will truly have a level playing field.

  3. Good luck to the One X but I think it’s a bit late to the party.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few “leaks” from Sony about the PS5 just before it’s launch.

  4. I agree with the One S/Pro comment, but mainly in terms of 4K. The Pro is a step above, but not by much. They both do 4K media, 4K output, and HDR, the only difference is in running the games. It’s compounded by the fact that PS4 Slim has no 4K abilities, it’s in a little space of its own.

    “After all, creating a third version of a game will incur extra time and money”

    That wasn’t the point Eurogamer were pushing. They were more inquiring about Sony’s exclusivity deals and whether they’d implement performance parity clauses. A completely wacky question, who knows what Sony put in their contracts, I doubt they’d be bastards and demand parity though.

    Shots were fired when Phil had a little jibe at the random bits of crap Sony get exclusively for games like Destiny 2 and CoD.

    • From my perspective it’s a simpler one and it holds true for both platforms. Basically, the Pro and the X are the top end versions of each respective ecosystem. Most people will way up the pros (ahem) and cons of each first and then decide if they want to have the best (or not).

      Or at least, I feel like anyone with any common sense would. :D

      • The Pro is selling reasonably well, isn’t it? And it sounds like they’re not expecting to sell many Xs. (Apparently that’s “the plan”)

        So it’s more like the Pro is the top end version of the PS4 (costing a bit extra), and the X is an expensive, early access version of the next-gen XBox.

        Give it a couple of years (so 6 years after the PS4/XBone launched) and we might have the X as the base XBox (and maybe the S as a bargain version?), and the Pro as the base PS4, with something a bit more powerful coming from Sony as their next console at current Pro prices.

        And then an XBox One X2 from MS? At which point everyone will probably shout “FFS! Just call it Bob or something!”

      • But right now, it’s not. Your conjecture is interesting at best but nothing more. I mean that with respect as I think it could be fascinating to see that the new XOX might be the entry-level next-gen machine for Microsoft in the not-too-distant future. Something I’d already started thinking about the moment I saw the specs.

        Both are top-end machines of their ecosystem and that’s that. Both will have lovely looking games. I’m sure the XOX will look better again and rightly so with that amount of grunt under the bonnet but most people aren’t in it for the tech specs. They want great games. Simple as that.

    • “the only difference is in running the games” – Only a small aspect of a games console then :P ;)

  5. I like Phil, he’s one of the best things to happen to Xbox but i see it like this; If they both run many of the same games then they must be rivals.

  6. Oh really? You’re not a fan of doing deals where timed exclusive content happens? Say, didn’t you do that a lot last gen? Why, yes you did. You don’t get to suddenly say that you don’t like when you were quiet when that occured and everyone hates timed exclusive crap. Hmm…. Tomb Raider:Erm… whatever the subtitle was, was a timed exclusive. Nothing was said about it by you. How odd.

    Then I discovered that he was only head of Xbox since 2014. Oh feck. Now I have to delete my snarky comment. Screw it. It stays.

    And what’s this? It’s not going to compete with the Pro but is more powerful and makes it the most powerful console in the wuuurld. Why, that is wrong. It’s in the same catergory as the PS4 Pro. Both brands have been competing against each over for the past generation and this generation. Power means nothing if developers don’t want to touch it or there is little to gain frm it. Als, change the name. XOX is a dumb name.

  7. They must be super pleased with how their E3 conference went. When team Microsoft feel confident, they’re huge douchbags. Shame really.

  8. I agree the Xbone X and the PS4 Pro are no direct competition, just for slightly different reasons.

    The Xbone X operates in a different segment of the market, it’s only for die-hard Xbone fans who’d rather sell off their kids than going for a Playstation-branded console. They’re so late to the party, expensive and without many meaningful exclusives, that they can’t seriously market the Xbone as competition.

    • That’s funny, I’ll be buying a One X, and I currently have an XB1S, a PS4, and a Switch. I’ll be playing Forza 7, Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves, Cuphead, Ori, State of Decay 2, Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, Spiderman, TLoU2, and Detroit. Oh and I plan to be playing most of my multiplatform games on One X, seeing as they’ll look the best on there on my 4K TV.

      So please tell me with that in mind, where am I in the One X market, and how many Xbox/Switch games have you tried recently? Don’t tell me you’d rather sell your genitals than go for an Xbox-branded console

      • Very easy answer: you’re far outside they main 95% of the normal distribution in the market. Just face it: you’re a gamer nerd (like most of use here, no offense meant), reading games news, buying the latest consoles, watching/following E3, etc. You’re convinced backwards compatibility is important, and you even use it. That’s all fine, you’re an individual with your interests.
        But, you are clearly not mass market, and that’s what MS must go for, if they want to catch up.

    • It’s for the more discerning customer who has the money to continue (or start) gaming with the Xbox platform but wants the graphics to look utterly stunning.

  9. Worth remembering Sony said the exact same thing about the pro’s competition being pc, not Xbox. You can’t slate Phil and not say Sony were just as wrong/right/arrogant.

    • Fair do’s, every comment of yours I read is “but Sony said/did this…” or “but when Sony said/did that you said…”

      God it gets tiresome! And it doesn’t really add anything to the conversation either.

      • Well someone has to say it. A lot of hypocrites around here. I’m not going to ignore the obvious just because most other commenters are just enjoying hating on Xbox. A lot of short memories here.

  10. I would much prefer them getting some strikes or skins that i cant get than getting whole games exclusively for a year or so…

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