ESPN Set To Broadcast Street Fighter V Evo Finals, And Rocket League Tournament

Will you be watching?

Over the last few years esports have become massive the world over, with millions tuning in to watch all sorts of tournaments from MOBAs to fighting games. Most of these are streamed on the net but this weekend ESPN has announced it will be broadcasting both the Street Fighter V finals from the Evo Champsionships taking place this weekend, with the broadcast happening on EPSN 2 and the official app.

Additionally ESPN will also be streaming the X Games Rocket League tournament from Minneapolis, with that tournament’s prize pot sitting at $75,000. ESPN seemt to be at the forefront of all the  traditional sports broadcasting providers, having already broadcast other esports events.

Source: ESPN

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  1. Might be a daft question but is there anyway to watch this in the UK if you just have freeview?

    • Not on TV by the looks of things but it’ll be streamed on places like Twitch and the official Evo site.

      • Ah thanks. Been interested in checking one of these out, specifically the Rocket League competition.

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