Mass Effect: Andromeda Gets A Free Ten Hour Trial On All Platforms

The latest, and if the rumours are correct, last game in the Mass Effect series got off to a bumpy start with less than stellar reviews and quite a few bugs that needed squashing. Since then the game has had a series of patches so you may wish to take a second look at the game by using the free trial which is now live on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.


The trial gives you access to the full game and you can play both the single player campaign or dabble in the multiplayer. Remember, this will download the full game to your console or PC, so make sure you have around 45gb free.

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  1. That’s a very generous demo, it’ll be a real shame if it’s the final game in the series.

  2. Will give the trial a go. Been very tempted to get this, but then I remember I’ve still not finished Dragon Age Inquisition and only got half way through ME2 on the PS3, so would like to get those out of the way before diving into the new Galaxy.

    • Really struggled with DA inquisition, gave up on it after about 20 hours of play, didn’t engage with the story and my character was so under powered it was ridiculous! Mass effect 2 is a superb game, better than 3 imo.
      WIll prob actually pick up andromeda if its under £30 ins sainsburys this evening

  3. Any word on whether game saves will carry over into the full game if I go on to buy it?

    • Also, if I fulfill requirements for trophies during the demo (obviously they won’t unlock because demos don’t give trophies) will they automatically ping when I buy and load up the full game?

      • Hm, fulfill doesn’t look right.

      • They unlock during the 10 hours and yes your save carries over if you buy it. At least on Xbox & pc they do as it’s a trial not a demo. I’d expect its the same on PlayStation.

      • These big long demos never give you trophies. But if you buy the game afterwards and carry on from where you were, the trophies may or may not magically happen as soon as you start playing the full game.

        They may all pop up at once, or they might wait until something triggers them. If “kill 2000 enemies” is possible in 10 hours, it might not ping until you kill a single enemy in the full game.

        Story trophies or anything that involves levelling a character to some random level may not appear when they should.

        So you never get trohpies in a demo, and progress towards everything carries over to the full game for a extra long demo.

        Getting the actual trophy is entirely down to how the game is programmed. A “get your character to level 10” trophy sometimes involves the game asking “is your level 10, and do you have the full game? If so, trophy for you”, which then fails if you’re level 11 before you start playing the full game.

        “Kill X enemies” usually seems to involve “have you killed X or more enemies, got the full game, and not got the trophy?”, so you should always be able to get it to pop by just killing 1 extra enemy.

        Sony seem to allow the “give all the trophies at once” option too, but it’s not always used.

  4. ‘singe player campaign’ I’ve never tried any singe player before. Have Sony added some new feature to the DS4 that burns you while playing the game :-D

    • Oh dear Oh dear Oh dear. This is down to my level of awful “humour”.

      • I was surprised that I was the first to say something hours later.

  5. I hope it isn’t the last game in the series but I hope they scrap this Andromeda narrative and start from scratch…again. It could also help if they hire a focused developement team with a competent team leader.

    I actually wouldn’t mind a re-imagining of the original games.

  6. Will the 10 hour timer start and continue the moment you start the trial?
    I’d like to dabble with it every now and then.

    • I should imagine it will only count minutes that you’re actively playing the game.

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