Every Free To Play Game On PS4, With Download Links

With the upcoming price increase to PlayStation Plus wallets are going to be a little lighter in the coming months, but there are plenty of games to play on the PlayStation Network without spending a penny. Whilst many of them do have the option to buy in-game items many, such a Star Trek Online and DC Universe Online, have tens, if not hundreds of hours worth of playtime available totally free, especially as free to play games do not require PlayStation Plus in order to get online.

Below you will find a list of all the free to play games on PS4 with links over to the UK PlayStation store so you can queue them up. Have fun!

Free To Play

UPDATE: There are a number of other games available in other regions, such as America’s Army: Proving Grounds and Figureheads, the above list is for the UK.

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  1. I didn’t think there were that many FTP games for the PS4.

  2. Handy list, i’d better bookmark it to prevent future errors on my part! :)

  3. Some of those don’t really count though, being demos or just the first episode.

    Of the rest, Marvel Heroes Omega is a lot of fun. Takes a long time to unlock new heroes (unless you pay real money), but it’s fun if you like Diablo style looting. And realising that most superheroes are actually massive dicks who don’t care about collateral damage (some of the missions involve destroying some number of random, perfectly innocent cars that haven’t done anything wrong)

    And Skyforge is worth a look. No need to spend money on it. You could buy some currency and then pay for a “premium” account to double the money and “knowledge” you get, but there’s no point when it gives you quite a bit of that currency in game as well. I’ve nearly got enough for the 180 day premium option without spending anything, and after those 6 months I should have enough for another 6 months with lots left over to speed some things up even more.

    It’s a fun game too. Single character switching between all the classes you’ve unlocked whenever you want (although you’ll find one you like and probably stick to it). And a new “invasion” every couple of months to keep things interesting (and make things harder). Quite a good looking game too. And sometimes hilarious as everyone decides to activate their divine form at once, and 5 of you casually stroll through a mission killing everything in seconds. (Some of the missions are basically horde levels, and it can’t even announce where the next wave is coming from before they’ve been wiped out by 5 gods)

    Do not, however, download either Clicker Heroes or Adventure Capitalist. You’ll think “well, that’s a bit pointless”, and then spend months just launching them every couple of days just to see how big the numbers are.

    Orcs Must Die and Dungeon Defenders 2 (now it’s finally free) are worth a look and weirdly similar games. Neither seem to really require spending money.

    • Thanks for the mini reviews. I shall try the marvel game as I really liked diablo.

  4. Have played a large number of those so I’ll just note down some points on the key ones from the list.

    3 on 3 freestyle, alright for a little bit, got boring quick.

    DC Universe Online, pretty decent, plenty of content, never felt like I had to buy anything at any point.

    Dead or Alive 5, BOOBIES!

    Dreadnought, seemed pretty deep, plenty of content but the gameplay wasn’t to my liking so I gave up with it fairly quickly.

    Gwent, no trophies so I stopped playing immediately.

    Hustle Kings, if you’re looking for a pool game, this is actually pretty decent. Again, not much need to spend money if you don’t want to.

    Let it Die, excellent for a while, Uncle Death is a top character. Though later in the game it get very very hard indeed and that’s where the cash grab comes in. I stopped playing at that point.

    Marvel Heroes Omega, enjoyed it for a while but then got a bit bored. Decent enough and worth a go.

    Neverwinter, kept my attention for a long while but the end game is one MASSIVE grind. Huge time sink, decent game though.

    Paladins, excellent. Definitely try this game out.

    Planetside 2, hm. Massive battlefield but you’re never really told what you’re supposed to be doing. Yes there’s a lot of other players to shoot at but I felt totally lost with it so didn’t last long.

    Star Trek Online, it is Neverwinter just in a different skin.

    Warframe, I put a huge amount of hours into this when PS4 first launched. Really good, never spent a penny on it, you don’t need to. Really well supported, millions of trophies to be earned. I reckon this is probably the best of the bunch IMO.

    Hope that’s helpful to someone at least!

    • That’s helpful to me. Thanks.

    • Thanks Tony that helped! Dead or Alive 5 for me then :) and cheers TSA for the handy list!

    • Planetside 2 made me feel the same way mate was really looking forward to it as well but had no clue what to do. loads of them games above are brilliant love Dungeon Defenders 2 a lot. Orcs just started but liking it a lot.

    • The Warframe support has been and continues to be nothing short of phenomenal. I implore anyone with even a passing interest to download and give it a couple of hours, minimum. It’s not talked about much but it’s a very good game.

  5. Definitely try out World Of Tanks, great game

    • I’d like to second this. Downloaded on a whim and honestly had more fun than numerous $60 titles have offered.

  6. Advice for anyone trying any of these free games…

    Some of them have about a dozen different currencies to confuse you, and lots of numbers and enough different systems to make an obscure JRPG look vaguely sensible.

    So if you get confused or stuck with something, there’s bound to be someone who can help out here. Or ask on the TSA community on the PS4. (If you can’t find it, send me a message. MrYd is, unsurprisingly, my PSN ID)

    No help with the trials on Marvel Heroes though, since you can only do those solo, and they’re a horrible thing.

    But if anyone gives Skyforge a go, and gets stuck on a certain mission (Factorium), let me know. You could spend a week or two trying to get stronger so you can do that one, unnaturally difficult mission and get to the easier ones afterwards. Or ask someone helpful to carry you through it.

  7. At a glance I don’t see that anybody has mentioned SMITE. It’s a very solid take on its genre, especially for free. If you like the sound of it, click download.

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