Logitech Unveil Their Latest High Performance Gaming Mouse & Keyboard

We don’t ordinarily report on gaming hardware of this particular kind, but I trooped along to an appointment late in the day at Gamescom, and I genuinely and generally like Logitech’s hardware. Even with that in mind, the mouse that they’re announcing today seems almost too good to be true. Genuinely, it’s been designed to not just be a huge leap in terms of precision, going so far as to exceed the capabilities of many wired mice, but also have astounding battery life that they state will far outstrip their closest competitors.


The G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse is that mouse, and while it might appear like a fairly standard mouse it features what Logitech are calling the HERO sensor, for High Efficiency Rated Optical. It handles 400 images per second at 12,000 dots per inch, has zero ripple, 1ms report rate and up to 500 hours of usage from 2 AA batteries, making it suitable for regular use of up to 4-6 months before needing to swap them out. Alternatively, the low power consumption mode lets you eke that our for 1500 hours, or up to a staggering 18 months of usage, by dropping the report rate to 8ms.

That’s using the Lightspeed wireless connector, the USB reciever for which you can find tucked into a little slot under the upper casing, which is rather cutely attached with magnets. Alternatively, you can use a switch underneath to swap it over to Bluetooth mode, effectively letting you pair it with two different machines and swap back and forth. Bluetooth mode is equivalent to low power mode, letting you go for 1500 hours.

Amusingly, you can run it with just one battery, and Logitech describe this as a way to modify the mouse’s weight. Running one or two batteries, and using varying rechargeable batteries with different densities and weights lets you shift or alter its heft to your desires.

Alongside this you have the G613 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Just as with the mouse, it features both Lightspeed wireless and Bluetooth for easy switching back and forth – something that’s ideal for streamers using multiple PCs, Logitech point out – it also features 18 months of battery life from 2 AA batteries.

Both will be available in the second week of September, with $150 for the G613 kayboard and $70 for the G603 mouse.

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  1. Nice! I’m sold on the mouse. I’ve still got my 13 year old wired MX518 which makes the odd appearance for a bit of Counterstrike and tricky Photoshopping, but its a lot of faff to use with a laptop compared to a cheap wireless mouse, plus the rubbery grip has gone tacky over time and feels a bit crap. I’d love to get one of these 603’s, £70 would be a fair price to pay for something that could last me another 13 years, probably on one charge!

    • Haha, the 518’s a classic.

      If $70 (not sure of GBP a sec) feels too steep, then biding your time a little longer will see this sensor tech trickle through to other products. Personally I’m all about Logitech’s free spinning wheels for scrolling, but those are more office-y mice in their portfolio usually.

      • €/$70 is steep but for these things it seems like money well spent, especially on Logitech. I think even their cheap stuff is really solid and good quality, my tiny wireless one has so far survived two years of spreadsheets, paying bills and being stolen by my kids and thrown around the kitchen, it’s surprisingly solid for a tenner! Yeah I like the freewheel ones too, but the clicking makes sense when you’re scrolling weapons rather than boobi… ahem, I mean reputable news sites.

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