A Nintendo Switch Compatible 400GB MicroSD Card Has Been Announced, But It’ll Cost You

There was a fair bit of handwringing in the run up to the Nintendo Switch’s launch surrounding game storage. With a mere 32GB of built in memory, anyone deciding to buy and play digital games would have to expand that storage with a microSD card, which at the time only went up to 200GB. With people constantly juggling installed games on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, despite having replaced 500GB standard drives with 2TB disks and external storage, how could 200GB possibly be enough?

Thankfully, SanDisk have answered your prayers and have unveiled a 400GB microSD card that will be available this autumn, besting the UHS-I speed rating and up to 100MB/s read speeds. While it’s going to be marketed to phone, tablet and camera users, the Switch supports up to 2TB of storage via the microSDXC format, so this will be compatible, making it perfect for those who refuse to contemplate the possibility of swapping memory cards and cartridges.


It will cost you a pretty penny, though, with SanDisk setting the price at an eye-watering $249, which isn’t far off the Switch’s own $299 asking price! At least it will be supported with a 10 year warranty.


Of course, this is pure overkill, both in terms of size and cost for the Nintendo Switch. I grabbed a 128GB microSD card for under £40 at launch and through mixing physical and digital purchases, I’ve still got around 90GB of space on it left and with the internal 32GB practically untouched. What this card does show is that microSD cards are still growing in capacity, and that will gradually bring larger capacities down to more reasonable prices.

Source: Anandtech

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  1. My Nintendo Switch brings all the boys to the yard,
    But I need storage, and they have to charge.

  2. Buy one get on free in Asda.

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