Resident Evil 7 “Not A Hero” Footage Shows Chris Redfield Back In Action

Capcom has released new footage of its upcoming Resident Evil 7 DLC. Titled “Not A Hero”, it will arrive in December, almost a year after the game’s original launch back in January and stars recurring protagonist, Chris Redfield.


Not A Hero will be free for anyone who already owns a copy of the game. It will also be rolled into the recently-announced Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition.

Compared to the base game, there’s definitely more of action military vibe. Whether or not the Baker family make an appearance is unknown though hopefully it will retain some of that scariness Resident Evil 7 managed to nail.

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  1. Nope. Don’t want any DLC for it. I won’t be able to cope. The main game is terrifying enough as it is and I’m only half way through. Stupid cheap jump-scares that somehow work in VR every single time. And as for that attic! I nearly gave up for good then.

    And I’m someone who likes his horror films to the point of being able to list everything they’ve “borrowed” stuff from in all the games over the past 20 years. And usually finds them amusing rather than scary.

  2. All over this!

    Resi 7 is horrifying and brutal. Such a fantastic accomplishment when you complete it. Cannot wait for it

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