TSA’s Video Game Pub Quiz – Round 5

Welcome to the fifth edition of our brand new weekly quiz. Every week we’ll be testing your video game knowledge across fifteen questions, spanning a variety platforms and game series, both new and old. Good luck and be sure to come back for next week’s round where we’ll have a prize for entering!

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Senior Editor bursting with lukewarm takes and useless gaming trivia. May as well surgically attach my DualSense at this point.


  1. A dismal 4/15 this week.

    • Was a bit of a toughie, to be fair!

  2. Got a 7! Happy with that to be honest!
    Can’t believe I got three wrong when I should’ve known better!
    Still fun as always :)

  3. I got a solid 7 this time.

  4. 6. School report says “must try harder”.

    • 6 here too, but quite a few were guesses.

  5. A not too shabby 10 out of 15

  6. Anyone though it was quite easy this week?

    A few obscure ones, but most were in the mainstream.

  7. 8 this time,really enjoying these ;)

  8. 6, meh. After I got the first 4 correct, my hopes were up, but it mostly went badly after that…

  9. Did better this week then last 2 – managed a 9, whereas it was a meh 6 last two!

  10. I love these. It’s a 7 from me. Same every time

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