Son Of Scoregasm Releases October 10th For Vita

Charlie’s Games has confirmed that the twin stick shooter Son of Scoregasm will be releasing on October 10th for the PS Vita, while a PS4 version of the game is still in the works. The game features levels that are interlinked through non-linear paths meaning players can explore the various pathways that lead to the game’s end, with some of these being tougher than others.


As the name implies the main focus is all on the score which is mainly done through killing enemies, though using the core pulse attack turns enemies into tokens which act as a score multiplier, allowing for major point boosts. A price is to be confirmed.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. I really like Scoregasm, which I have on PC, so will await the PS4 version of this because I think the pyrotechnics will struggle on the Vita

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