Telltale Games May Look “Fundamentally Different” Next Year

Telltale Games hit on a formula and have, by and large, stuck with it for every game they have released. However, this has lead to some criticism that they are not advancing or improving their gameplay, every game is essential identical just with different characters and stories. In an interview with Telltale’s creative communications boss Job Stauffer explains that may change in 2018.

“It’s on our agenda for the next year to push our format forward with bigger, bolder changes than you’re used to,” he said. “You will see that evolve over the next few projects. We’re committed to that. It’s exciting to really have so many passionate creatives in the studio right now, thinking about how to push Telltale forward. And we have these three incredible franchises to evolve the format with.”


“There’s nothing we can talk about yet, but it will be iterative. So you might see changes between episodes in current seasons. By the end of 2018, the format of a Telltale game could look fundamentally different from what it does now, even going down to how we release stuff.”

The changes will begin The Walking Dead Season 4 and The Wolf Among Us Season 2, as to exactly what they are, that remains to be seen.

Source: GIBiz

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