PlayStation Blog Reveals New Details Of The Destiny 2 “Curse Of Iris” DLC

The PlayStation Blog has posted a new article giving new details to the first Destiny 2 expansion, The Curse Of Iris. We’re not sure who this new character Iris is, but she’s cursed. Bless.


“What’s he been doing all this time?” asks Matthews asks  Destiny 2 art lead Dave Matthews, clearly talking about someone other than poor Iris.”These are the kind of questions we ask that we ended up solving visually.”

“If you watch through it, step through it little bit by little bit, you’ll start to see elements that are very familiar to people that have seen older gear, different outfits,” Matthews adds, talking about a trailer for Destiny 2’s DLC, and once again ignoring the plight of Cursed Iris.

“There’s a strong separation in time from when Osiris was exiled to present day. So if you look closely at what’s been released so far, you will notice there are some Destiny 1 themes. But Osiris has spent his time in exile tinkering and modifying, so some of these themes will hark back to Destiny 1 more than others.”

Who cares, what about Iris?

“We always want to make sure he comes across confident,” says Dave who clearly is ignoring all questions about downtrodden Iris. “We always want to make sure every motion, every action he does, even the garb he wears speaks to him being seasoned, a veteran… all these things speak to an elevated presence, an elevated character.”

Enough of this twaddle, I demand more information on Iris! #JusticeForIris

Source: PlayStation Blog (who have just fixed their typo)

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