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Dark Souls Developer FromSoftware Tease Shadows Die Twice

What is Shadows Die Twice? That question is likely to linger for a little while at least, but what we do know is that it’s the next project from renowned Dark Souls and Bloodborne developers FromSoftware, having been teased at The Game Awards last night.

One popular theory is that this is actually a tease for Bloodborne 2, with the company having wrapped up the Dark Souls series with DLC earlier this year. Certainly, the way that the ostensible name is presented in the teaser is more like a statement, thanks to the full stop at the end of it.

Either way, fans of the Souls-like genre will be tearing this tiny snippet apart for clues. Here’s hoping FromSoftware don’t keep us waiting too long for more info.

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  1. If this turns out to be Bloodborne 2 I will be over the moon. One of the best games on the PS4, absolutely fantastic.

  2. Some folks are saying it might be a new Tenchu game.

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