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Hyrule Warriors Ultimate Edition Is Coming To Switch This Spring

Wii U + 3DS = Switch

When Nintendo say it’s the Ultimate Edition, they really mean it. Hyrule Warriors Ultimate Edition has everything from the Wii U version of this Zelda-Musou mash-up everything from the 3DS version and all the premium DLC that was released thrown in as well. That amounts to a pretty huge 29 playable characters, with the added little bonus of Link and Zelda outfits taken from Breath of the Wild.

The game will be in full 1080p on Switch – we’ll have to wait and see how it holds up under the pressure, when Fire Emblem Warriors struggled a bit – and there’s two play co-op on a single system with shared Joy-Con.

This version of Hyrule Warriors will be launching for Switch some time this Spring.

Source: Nintendo

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