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The Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Open Beta Is Now Live

You can see if its for you.

If you’ve been wanting to get your hands on Dissidia Final Fantasy NT then there’s some good news. As of right now the open beta is live on PS4 and is available to all owners regardless of Plus membership. The beta features both offline and online play, with stages being used from across the franchise. The characters themselves will be changed at regular intervals.

The times of the beta are as follows:

  1. From 12th January (14:00 GMT/15:00 CET) to 15th January (21:00 GMT/22:00 CET)
  2. From 15th January (22:00 GMT/23:00 CET) to 18th January (21:00 GMT/22:00 CET)
  3. From 18th January (22:00 GMT/23:00 CET) to 21st January (21:00 GMT/22:00 CET)

Source: Press Release

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