Sea Of Thieves Beta Client Update Hints At An Upcoming Open Beta

I had a great time with the Sea of Thieves closed beta earlier this month, with its laid back co-op sailing and piracy something that I think has surprised quite a few people. Of course, a closed beta is, well, closed to a lot of prospective players, and this one only included those involved in the closed alpha or pre-ordering a game.

Oddly enough, the beta client has now received an update on Xbox One and Windows 10. Why would Rare go and do something like that without a good reason? They must be up to something…

Thankfully those pesky and otherwise troublesome dataminers are on hand, and have dug into the files on Windows. They’ve found a bunch of changes in the files and code, which you can read about here, but the most notable reference is for an open beta.

That’s great news, with Sea of Thieves a game that really needs to be experienced to understand what it’s like. With the game out on 20th March, I’m sure we can expect an announcement in the not too distant future.

Source: Reddit

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