Paris Council To Investigate Quantic Dream’s Funding

The Paris Council have issued a strongly worded document titled ‘On the toxic corporate culture of Quantic Dream’. It repeats recent allegations of harassment, the existence of a “large numbers of sexist, homophobic, racists and anti-Semites photomontages”, and “extremely questionable” termination procedures that are “contrary to labour law.”

If you’re wondering why the council are wading in, it’s because the city has helped fund some of Quantic Dream’s projects and also it also receives a generous tax credit. The Paris Council are, quite rightly, wanting to know how their money is being spent.


Quantic Dream posted another statement a few days ago which denied any wrong doing and blamed a smear campaign.

Since January 14, 2018, Quantic Dream has been the subject of a veritable smear campaign by a few media outlets, based on slanderous remarks whose reliability and origin of the sources raise questions.

We categorically refute the allegations against the studio, its employees, its leaders. We hope that these unfounded attacks and the propagation of completely erroneous information resulting from it will cease in order to protect our employees.

We reiterate that, to date, we have not heard of any complaints of harassment and discrimination.
We confirm that two employees who entered the Industrial Court in 2017 were dismissed of all their claims by judgment on 19.01.2018 and that a third judgment in this case is in dispute.

Several other legal actions are also underway to defend the reputation of our studio and to save the jobs of a French SME in the forefront in its field. We are confident in justice and hope that it can be decided quickly, in a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

It’s hard to tell if the images are poor taste jokes which two former employees are using as fuel to slander the company, or if there really is a problem at the studio.

Source: Wccftech

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  1. “It’s hard to tell if the images are poor taste jokes which two former employees are using as fuel to slander the company, or if there really is a problem at the studio.”

    I’m going with the former. Everyone’s a victim of something these days. Maybe the owners lean right politically or eat meat and the liberal vegan employees are trying to destroy them for thinking differently? It’s all a big conspiracy maaaan lol

    I couldn’t give a damn to be honest. The council have to be seen to be doing something because if they don’t, they’ll find themselves facing trial by twitter too.

    I have no respect for anyone that does this kind of thing publicly. If you didn’t like working there, put it down as a bad experience and move on.

    • Yes, just a bad experience, move on, leave it to the next person that gets a job there to see if they can deal with it better. They were probably asking for it anyway.

      Or, if there’s any truth to the allegations, they could make a big deal out of it. Because it’s 2018. That shit shouldn’t be happening these days.

      Not that I know enough to judge either way. Although you apparently do.

      • My first comment was supposed to be tongue in cheek. I’m not judging the validity of their claim but I am scrutinising their methods.

        The problem is, in their noble quest to save the world from anything they deem offensive – these two selfish idiots have put the livelihoods of the entire staff in jeopardy.

        People are already threatening to boycott future releases.

        They have tarnished the reputation of the company whether their complaints are founded or not, which is absolutely selfish in my view.

        Their hurt feelings are more important than anything or anyone else basically. Well, I don’t give a damn about their feelings – they aren’t working in a Chinese sweat shop against their will. Make a complaint internally and if you still aren’t happy, seek employment elsewhere.

        If enough people voice their concerns, things will change. Maybe not right away but gradually over time. What’s that old saying, ‘change doesn’t happen overnight.’

        But because these two clowns want all the glory by forcing change (right now), they could very well be the cause of the studio’s downfall and potential closure. How does that benefit anyone?

        People need to look at the big picture.

      • So basically you’re saying “shut up, it’ll get better eventually”.

        Yes, change doesn’t happen overnight. But on the other hand, it won’t happen at all if nobody does anything about it.

        And I doubt anyone saying they’ll boycott their games had any intention of buying them in the first place. They’re the same people that were having a good whinge at the trailer, stirred up by certain click-baity sites. Yes, that’s a word now :P

      • What I’m saying is, ‘‘it’s not all about you. Raise your concerns with management and if you’re still unhappy, move on.’’

        Don’t take matters into your own hands because you don’t get the outcome you wanted.

    • Couldn’t disagree with you more JR.

      Workplaces are not private empires where employers can abuse, harass, or otherwise mistreat employees without consequence. Sure, in the first instance it is more productive if an employee and employer can discuss issues and resolve them internally, but if – as is implied in this case – the employer has not address the issues then they deserve to be held accountable, publicly if necessary.

      Calling them idiots who are putting the other staff in jeopardy is part of the reason people have been unable to effect change in the past, if anything they should be applauded for having the courage to speak publicly about this. As for the other staff, naturally it would be a shame if innocent people lose their jobs, though if the allegations are even close to true there is a level of complicity in the staff that did nothing or participated in toxic behaviour.

      As MrYd said, it’s 2018 – there is no need for ANYONE to accept this kind of behaviour as acceptable, nor should they be encourage to just ‘leave if you don’t like it’ as you’re suggesting.

      You said people need to think about the big picture, and on that I completely agree. The fate of a video game developer and missing out on a couple of games of little importance compared to standing up for respect, equality and justice. If QD goes down because of this maybe other employers will have a critical look at their own cultures, and people won’t have to suffer through unacceptable workplace environments just to earn a pay cheque.

      If QD have no case to answer for here then that will become evident through investigation, though one has to wonder why former employers would be so disgruntled if QD was such a great employer. What’s that expression? Where there is smoke there is fire.

      • MLK fought for respect, equality and justice. These two are clearly exploiting a ‘hot topic’ to make a name for themselves.

        The accusations put forth are ridiculous. Inappropriate humour? How awful for them. Are people really so thin-skinned?

        I do appreciate you taking the time to respond and I respect your opinion but I stand by what I said.

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