[UPDATE] Banner For Burnout Paradise Remastered Dates It For Next Month

UPDATE: Just read this instead :)

Look, I know Burnout Paradise Remastered is coming, you know Burnout Paradise Remastered, your dog knows Burnout Paradise Remastered, even Ethel, aged 83, who lives down the road and hasn’t played a video game in her entire life knows Burnout Paradise Remastered is on it’s way, so quite why EA have yet to announce it is a mystery.


The latest in a very long line of leaks comes from what appears to be an in-store banner which lists pre-orders for PlayStation 4 games, including God of War on April 20th, and Burnout Paradise Remastered for March 16th. This is the same date that was listed by a retailer in Japan two months ago.

Of course this could be a really elaborate hoax spanning multiple continents over many months, but, well, it’s not is it?

Source: Reddit

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  1. Although it was a great game I’m not sure if I’ll buy the remastered version. I have a backlog of games to finish.

    But it is Burnout Paradise, and I really enjoyed it first time around……

  2. Yes, we know it’s probably happening, but a random person posting a picture on Reddit doesn’t deserve 3 paragraphs of text. Maybe a sentence at the end of something you happened to be writing anyway?

    If it turns out to be faked, you’re going to look a bit silly. Like everyone falling for the faked PS+ leak last month.

    • We didn’t post the faked PS+ leaks. And if this is fake I’ll do a lap of TSA towers in the buff.

      • Yes, you didn’t fall for the incredibly obviously faked PS+ leak last month. This one is a bit less obvious, but could still be fake.

        But not the fact that the game is coming at some point. That much seems pretty clear.

        So if you do end up running around naked, it’s entirely your choice and something we probably don’t want to know about.

      • Sucks to be you, eh?

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