Take An Alternate Look At The Onrush Gameplay Trailer

Onrush got it’s first gameplay trailer the other week but a lot of action was not from the viewpoint of the player.

Game Director Paul Rustchynsky, aka Rushy, narrates this new video which shows the actual POV of the player controlling the vehicles used in the trailer.

Source: YouTube

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  1. Very lovely, very Motorstormy, very much preordered.

  2. So none of the trailers until today really interested me. Saw the similarities to Motorstorm which I loved but just thought it all looked a bit too choreographed, not enough real action.

    Then this trailer happened. This looks insanely good. Gone from very “Meh” to preordered and actually extremely excited about it now!

  3. One thing that struck me as odd is how vehicles get catapulted ahead after a collision, like they are made of tin. Otherwise it looks like awesome fun!

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