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The News At Sixth: 12/03/18

The NLCA have spoken.

Remember the madness that Channel 4 kicked off last week with their Azana Bands advertising? Well Tuff and Jake are off to find out what it’s all about this evening at a screening for Kiss Me First and its video game themed set up. Here’s hoping it’s good so Tuff doesn’t have a go at me for making him watch it!

If you’re just catching up on the news, here’s what you’ve missed from the last 24 hours:

Also today…

AllGamesDelta just shoved the B-Roll footage from Iron Harvest from the 1920+ universe on YouTube, which is a bit rude. Anyway, it looks a bit Company of Heroes, but with great big mechs.

Investors loses their collective minds when they even hear about blockchains at the moment, but what if you combine cryptocurrencies with video games? That’s what Jewelz are in All Mine, where you can earn cryptocurrency while you play this free-to-play puzzler. You either earn Jewelz by playing or load up the JewelzMiner client instead and let your computer do the hard work.

Bluepoint are eventually planning to do an original new game of their own, but for the time being, their next project is another remaster/remake, and it’s “a bit bigger” than Shadow of the Colossus they told Eurogamer.

Here’s a showcase and breakdown of new character Grøh in SoulCalibur VI

And finally, the completely real and not fictional National Lawn Care Association has pronounced Mowy Lawn as their agricultural tool of the year. As you can see, it’s a perfectly accurate representation of lawn care:

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