The News At Sixth: 15/03/18

It’s another busy day here at TSA Towers  including the announcement of the new Tomb Raider, well, the official announcement anyway, the game has been more leaky than a bucket with very, very big holes in it.

There’s also the reveal of a game based on the TV show Narcos, Geralt popping in to Soulcalibur VI, and scandal as some very improbable boobs has been banned in the UK. Here’s what you missed today:

Also today…

Amazon briefly listed a new Splinter Cell game but quickly removed the item.

Dexintgames from South Korea have been in touch to tell us about Iron League, which you can get on Steam, iOS, or Android.
The Bunker, which I thought was pretty good on PS4, is heading to Switch.

Here is the full season trailer for Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within.

PC game Turmoil: The Heat is On is getting a second set of DLC.

Vostok Inc has a demo on Switch and it’s out now.

Here’s the first look at gameplay from The Sinking City.

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  1. Ooh, a new Splinter Cell game could be good. I hope Ubisoft won’t ruin it though and make it MP only like they did with Rainbow Six!

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