Detroit: Become Human Gets Three New Trailers For Its Three Protagonists

Though it’s been through the wringer with a handful of controversies, Detroit: Become Human is still one of the more highly anticipated games of the year. Coming out on 25th May, it features three lead characters, all of whom are androids, with separate stories that will surely see them crossing paths.

In the latest series of trailers, Quantic Dream introduce us to what makes each of these androids unique.

Connor is an RK800 prototype droid designed to assist detectives with special features like a molecular analyser and a simulator that lets him rewind time and see past events. He’s partnered with Lieutenant Hank Anderson, who hates androids, and predictably has to try and win his respect.

Markus is an older RK200 model who was owned by painter Carl Manfred, with a father-son relationship eventually growing between the two. However, Markus eventually leaves his role as caregiver and becomes pivotal in the android revolution, choosing between pacifism and violence.

Finally, Kara is a common AX400 assistant designed for housework and childcare. Her story kicks off as her owner Todd Williams becomes violent out of hatred from his unemployment, leading to Kara and Todd’s daughter Alice going on the run.

Source: EU PS Blog

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