Friday The 13th Gets Salty With Rage Quitters

Rage quitters in the Friday the 13th game will soon be getting sent to the Salt Mines, a new area where they can only play against other rage quitters. Each player will start collecting a new currency, Salt, which is awarded for the following actions:

  1. Leave a match early, like a jerk
  2. Leave a match while being killed, like a big jerk
  3. Leave a match as Jason, like a super jerk
  4. Leave a match while hosting, like a mega jerk

Once your total of Salt reaches a certain level then it’s off to the Salt Mines for you. The developers won’t reveal how much Salt these actions will earn, how much you need to go the mines, or when your Salt level will fall, although they do say it will reduce over a period of time.


If you have been killed in game and are in spectating then you can quite with no penalty. The Salt system will be rolled during the next game update

Source: F13

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  1. Should have done that before Xmas. I have never been so frustrated when I finally become Jason and the host would quit or players would quit while I am in the middle of eliminating the player!
    But at least they are doing something about it so that is cool!
    Host quitting is definitely a Mega Jerk!

    • Is there host migration? It seems a bit tiresome if you were killed right at the start of the match to then have to watch the whole thing as the host. The rest I agree with, but trapping the host in a game seems like a poor design.

      • They didn’t have the funds to have dedicated servers they started small and it was great although on launch it did have connection issues once it was solved all was fine until folks starting quitting!
        Whenever B_Cambo or myself become the host of the game, we never ever quit! Even if killed first we wouldn’t quit. I’d leave it running to do chores lol

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