Wipeout Omega Collection’s Free VR Update Is Out Today

I doubted the ability to add VR to Wipeout Omega Collection for a long time, so it was a big surprise when Sony announced last year that the game would be getting exactly that. Now, all of a sudden, they’re dropping the update alongside a big price drop for PlayStation VR.


In addition to plopping you into the cockpit of a ultra-fast anti-grav racer and adding in 3D audio support, the VR update brings with it a few extra goodies exclusively for PSVR owners. There’s three extra ships that you can use in HD, Fury and 2048 classes, and a new remix of Shake It for the soundtrack.

A new demo version of the game is set to be released soon, so if you’re still on the fence about whether or not VR Wipeout is going to make you hurl, you can wait for that. Then again, the remaster’s good enough without VR anyway.

Source: EU PS Blog

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  1. This looks a bit better than I was expecting.

    If they expanded GT Sport’s VR capability, it all might just sway me later in the year.

    • A GT Sport VR time trail mode would be good, with online leaderboards would be even better.

      • VR time trials are coming tomorrow, apparently. And you’ll actually earn something from that and the existing VR mode.

        Asking for that just 2 hours before they announce it obviously means you’re some sort of witch or something.

      • Wizard!
        Great news, nice to know that Polyphony are listening to their fans.

      • I’m not sure they’re really listening though.

        It’s a good game, but I get the impression that the man in charge (what’s his name again?) doesn’t really care what people think. He just wants to make the game he wants, and if anyone else happens to like it, well that’s a bonus.

        And then every now and then he realises they’d better do something to keep people happy, and does exactly the minimum required.

        I don’t think he likes VR (didn’t he say as much?), but someone at Sony probably told him “You need VR!”, so the game ended up with the minimum amount of VR he could get away with. And now a little bit extra to keep people happy.

        I think he’s a bit of a dick, really. Possibly thinks his game is a great work of art. It’s not, it’s a (very good) racing game.

  2. So this is definitely getting played soon now. Can’t wait!

  3. Well, I’ve had a quick go now, and I must say someone at Sony is an absolute genius timing the update to be released the same day they announce a big drop in the PSVR price. Although they should probably have announced bundles with the game included.

    It makes the (already obviously brilliant) game even better. It looks good in VR, and you get a better sense of scale. Those ships seem quite big, but the tracks are huge.

    And as for the need for a bucket, I was surprised. Probably not a great idea to turn off all the comfort options if it’s your first VR game, but for everyone else, turn them off. It’s the only way you’ll learn. There are obviously warnings, and an extra warning the first time you try an eliminator race where you can do the instant 180. But none of it seems to cause too much unpleasantness, or any at all. Obviously some people are affected more than others, but you’ve got the benefit of being seated, and having a cockpit around you, which helps a lot. Even at silly speeds.

    Do be sensible though. Try one of the first races to start with. Don’t leap straight in to something stupid.

    So overall, they’ve taken a great game, and made it even better by making it all playable in VR in a way that just works. And it also makes it easier, which is something that seems to happen in other driving games. Even at speed you become more aware of corners coming up.

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