Sea Of Thieves Is Now The Fastest Selling New IP On Xbox One, With Two Million Players

It looks like Rare’s piratical online sandbox has been quite a hit with players. After a million people set sail on launch day, there’s now been two million players in the game’s first week, and this has helped the game become both the fastest selling new first party IP on Xbox One and the best selling first party game on Windows 10.

That statement does come with a minor caveat, though, which is Game Pass. As Xbox General Manager for Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg confirmed on Twitter, these ‘fastest selling’ achievements don’t include Xbox Game Pass players, but what that doesn’t make clear is how many of those two million players actually bought the game.


At the end of the day that might not matter much to Microsoft. The game’s launch can be viewed as a big success which managed to push Rare’s server capacity to the limit. They also tout figures like 100,000 players streaming the game, half a million new friendships forged via Sea of Thieves and 400,000 players joining Clubs to find buddies to play with.


Looking back on the first week, Rare released a new developer diary alongside the first client update:

Source: Xbox

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  1. There havent been too many new first party IPs on XBOX one so far though, or am i forgetting something big?

  2. Given the amazing lack of content i cant see those 2 million players sticking around. How many people have also only got it through the xbox pass?

  3. How many new first party IP have been on Xbox One since launch?

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