H1Z1 Is Finally Coming To Console! PS4 Open Beta Starts Next Month

One of the first Battle Royale games, H1Z1 went free to play and left Early Access on PC in February. Now, two years after putting console development on hold to get its ducks in a row, it’s coming to console. The Xbox One version of the game is still nowhere to be seen, but H1Z1 will be going into Open Beta on PlayStation 4 on 22nd May.


Just as with others in the genre, people drop into the arena and duke it out to be the last one standing, but H1Z1 is meant to be faster paced, with matches lasting just 15 minutes. To that end, the gas cloud that pushes players closer together is directly tied to population count, while you’ll have to head for the airdrops if  you want the best equipment in the game.

Naturally, they’ve tried to streamline the UI for console and adapt the controls in a manner that should be familiar for those that play other first and third person shooters. They promise 60fps gameplay on PlayStation 4 Pro, though there’s no word on what resolution that will be at. I’d wager 1080p.

If you’re really eager to play, then you can actually sign up for the closed beta here.

via EU PS Blog

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