The Onrush Beta Is Running Next Week

Whether you’re convinced about Onrush’s innovative twist on the arcade racer or not, there’s a chance to try it out for yourself before the game launches in early June.  A long promised open beta will be running next week from 2PM BST on Thursday 17th May until midnight BST on Sunday 2oth May, both on PS4 and Xbox One. If you pre-order the game from certain retailers, you can get in from 15th May.

It’s far from the whole game, but will give a good indication of what to expect in the final game, with the interactive tutorial to get you in the swing of things, the solo or co-op Superstar Practice mode and 6v6 online multiplayer. Oh, and you can use the photo mode in solo Superstar.


There’s two of the game’s four modes – the points chase Overdrive and gate chasing Countdown – and two maps – Big Dune Beach and Volcano Lake – and you’ll only have four of the eight class-like vehicles to try out– Blade, Vortex, Interceptor and Titan.

For more on the classes, they released a handy video a few weeks ago.

Onrush is out on 5th June for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Codies Blog

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