Steel Rats’ Story Trailer Introduces The Heroic Biker Gang

Tate Multimedia has released a new trailer for its upcoming title Street Rats, which has a plot of a gang of bikers fighting off an alien invasion using their motorcycles in various ways to fight. The trailer focuses on the four main characters that make up the Steel Rats and the various skills they have in the war against the aliens. Steel Rats is releasing later this year on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


The characters are as follows:

  • James The Leader of Street Rats who has an armoured motorbike to smash through aliens.
  • Lisa is the fastest biker who uses speed and skill in combat.
  • Randall is considered the biker prince who has a chain to hook on to enemies and use the bike to do damage.
  • Toshi is the technological genius of the gang and uses various tech to incapacitate enemies.

If you’re interested in Steel Rats then have a read of our preview from a little while ago.

Source: Press Release

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