What We Played #360 – Onrush, Hitman: Sniper Assassin & Vampyr

Twas the night before E3 and the madness of dozens of trailers and game announcements landing practically all at once. I hope you’ll all be joining us for for all the news coming out of LA over the next few days, but before we get to that, let’s have a look back at the week that was and the games that we’ve been playing.

I spent last weekend diving into Onrush, the marvellous new arcade racer mash up from Codemasters Evo, as well as finding myself wrapped up in Destiny’s compelling but numbing grind of progression. There’s also been a bit of MotoGP, but alas I’ve not yet spent enough time with the game to deliver any real kind of verdict. My current thoughts on it are a little mixed, at least.

They’re not so mixed on Hitman: Sniper Assassin, for which code appeared out of the blue last night alongside the Hitman 2 announcement. It’s a fun little pre-order bonus that’s good for a few hours of Hitman-esque waiting, whether you play by yourself or with a friend.

In my case, that friend was Jim, who also spent a bit of time with me in Onrush last weekend. Aran was there as well, but they replaced me with Dom when I forgot my review disc at home… Sad times.

Outside of Onrush, Aran also reviewed Vampyr, which he felt could definitely have been quite a bit better, while Dom has been playing Just Shapes & Beats and a game with dinosaurs in it. His son is, quite understandably, over the moon.

It’s been just one game – H1Z1 – for Tuffcub this week, and Jason’s been playing Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr for review… then he had to start all over again after a dumb mix up with code distribution. He did find time for more Dark Souls Remastered, tied out Trials Fusion and XCOM 2 from PlayStation Plus, and has been enjoying Dragon Ball Legends on mobile.

Can you guess who else has been playing Dragon Ball Legends? If you guess Miguel, then you should probably have a stab at our E3 Bingo! Alongside that, there’s also been Granblue Fantasy on mobile, as a gifted iPad saw him careen straight down into Japanese mobile game hell, while on console it’s been The Witcher 3, Rainbow Skies, Blazblue Cross Tag Battle and The Banner Saga 3.

Steve cleaned up his review backlog, including Runner3 and The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker and then so spent his free time with Crash Bandicoot – AKA Crash MuthaFing Bandi-cheating bastard jumps-coot – God of War, and the roguelite Monster Slayers.

Sadly it was just a bit of Rayman Legends for Ade, who finished it off in co-op and continues to be surprised that he hadn’t played it before. Finally, as far as I’m aware, Gamoc literally just played Far Cry 5’s Hours of Darkness DLC and spent the rest of his time feeling a little bit disappointed by it.

Now it’s over to you. What have you played these past seven days?

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  1. Back from a week in Paris, so downloaded Far Cry 3 and put in a few hours to that. Then the Vietnam DLC came out, so switched to that and near enough played through it in one sitting. Thought it was very enjoyable, contrary to the TSA mini review! Then on Weds I was with my son in Smyths Toys and saw Dishonored: Something of the Something-or-other for a fiver, so thought I’d give it a go. It’s the first Dishonored game I’ve played, so still getting to grips with how it all works, but seems pretty good so far.

  2. Played a bit more Detroit this week and I’m so impressed with it. The story has been brilliant so far – much better than I thought it would be. All of the playable characters are great in their own way and I feel like I genuinely care about their fates. I’m dreading how this is going to go play out in the end – it all feels kind of ominous.

    It’s great that they show you the choices tree at the end of the chapter and seeing how your decisions can reduce or extend the length of the chapter, quite dramatically in some cases.

    I sighed when I first saw the trophy list but I’m actually looking forward to replaying certain chapters and unlocking the various endings now. Definitely my favourite game by Quantic Dream, by a mile.

    Also, picked up a few PS3 games in an online sale: Iron Man 2, Thor: God of Thunder, Captain America: Super Soldier, Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions, Spider-man: Edge of Time & X-Men: Destiny. I can thank my third viewing of Infinity War for most of these.

    Decided to start with SEGA’s Iron Man 2 and I can’t decide if it’s ‘so bad, it’s good’ or ‘so bad, it’s bad’ and I’m just high off Infinity War? The character models are hilariously shocking (even by PS3 standards). Black Widow, oof! What have they done to you? But despite the obvious flaws, I am kind of enjoying it for the most part.

    I miss the old licensed games from the PS3 era. There were some real stinkers for sure but some rough cubic zirconia’s* in there too (*I think ‘diamonds’ might be a stretch). Can’t wait to play the others.

    Also picked up a PSVR in the Days of Play sale. PSVR v2 Starter Kit + Wipeout Omega Collection + 2x Motion Controllers for £215. Don’t mind if I do :D

    Some great deals out there today. I think PSVR is going to do very well this month.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for ‘must play’ VR titles? Didn’t realise how many there were on the PS store. I’ve already got my eye on:

    Batman: Arkham VR
    Rush of Blood
    Paranormal Activity:
    Robinson: The Journey
    Time Machine VR
    Syrim VR
    Eagle Flight
    Drive Club VR
    Doom VR
    Dino Frontier
    Resident Evil 7
    Star Trek VR

    Pretty much all of them!

    • Congratulations on a shiny new hat ;)

      I’d suggest you don’t start out with Wipeout until you’ve got your VR legs. It might be a little bit extreme. Or dive straight in at the deep end if you want. Just be prepared to potentially feel unwell.

      Of those you listed, Rush of Blood is silly amounts of fun (unless you don’t like spiders).

      Drive Club works well in VR (and driving games are a good place to start)

      RE7 is terrifying. Worth it, but be prepared to play it short bursts, and have spare pants handy.

      I might have mentioned how much I enjoy Star Trek Bridge Crew. If you like Star Trek, I don’t see how you could not enjoy it. Even if it’s just a few hours of content you play dozens of times for 100+ hours with all sorts of random people. Don’t worry about being a newbie. They just add to the entertainment. Just be prepared to talk to people, ask for help (rather than fake it) and if you end up with someone like me as captain, realise that insane amounts of sarcasm are not personal. (Half my orders to the helm last night had to be followed by “Or you can try and fly through the massive rock instead. Up to you. Let me know how it works out”)

      A couple of free things should also be downloaded. I’m sure you like free things. Playroom VR is fun, but you’ll need someone to help with some things (I borrowed some children). And Rec Room is a mix of fun and a massive test of how well you can cope with ignoring kids. (And sometimes a test of how well you can draw something, anything, that doesn’t end up looking like a penis)

      Oh, and I’ll add Superhot to your list. And Polybius (if you want your eyeballs melted). And also Accounting+ if you want a good laugh and don’t mind a lot of swearing. (I guess if you agree that there are 2 types of people. Those who like Rick & Morty, and those who haven’t seen Rick & Morty)

    • Robinson doesn’t have much gameplay but you can take your time and explore every nook and cranny of the jungle location and encounter all sorts of dinos and other wildlife. It’s a steal at that price.

      I’ve heard Farpoint plays well with the Aim controller but it doesn’t play as well with the DS4 so be aware of that.

      You don’t need encouragement to grab Skyrim – but it is arguably the best VR game on any platform so far.

      And i’ll second that call to check out the Wipeout demo!

      • £10 for Robinson? It was around that when I got it, I think. Definitely worth it at that price.

        Farpoint isn’t bad with the DS4. Obviously designed for the Aim controller, but then they forgot to make enough of those, so the DS4 is a reasonable alternative.

      • It was okay at first but when the action ramps up in the latter half i found it quite frustrating trying to aim through a virtual sight whose exact orientation was dependant on the orientation of the DS4 as you held it up to your chin , whilst numerous arachnids jumped at you from every angle. Head-aiming or regular joystick controlled crosshair would have been good options to include.

    • Thanks for the suggestions guys, I went a bit crazy on the PS store tonight and bought a few games in the sale:

      Apollo 11 VR
      Batman Arkham VR
      Raw Data
      Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul
      Robinson: The Journey
      Roller Coaster Legends
      Roller Coaster Legends II

      I already own:

      Rush of Blood (PS+)
      RIGGS (PS+)
      Solus Project
      Assembly Point
      Wipeout Omega Collection

      Plus, all the freebies on the PS store…

      Should keep me busy for a while :D And I feel like I’m not even scratching the surface. I’ll definitely pick up Star Trek at some point – I’m only really familiar with the JJ Abrams movie and the sequel but I’ve seen enough to know I’ll enjoy the game. Maybe I’ll see you onboard one day :D

      RE7 is definitely on the list, I’ve already played the game the old fashioned way but I think VR will take it to the next level (and possibly put me in an early grave).

      Robinson was one of the first VR games that really grabbed my attention so I’m really looking forward to trying that.

      Haven’t played Skyrim before but it looks a bit similar to Dragon Age, so if it’s anything like that, I’m sure I’ll love it.

      Really looking forward to trying the SW Battlefront VR mission too. I’ve heard it’s really good. Brief but effective.

      Bit gutted to learn that ADR1FT doesn’t have PSVR support. That would have been a great game to experience in VR.

      Still, there’s plenty to keep me entertained – I didn’t realise how many games there actually were tbh. Hopefully, there will be a few surprise announcements at E3 too.

      • My only experience is playing on a friend’s and my nephews VRs but my overwhelming favourites were Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes and the free X-Wing VR bonus mission for the 2015 Star Wars Battlefront, that especially was mind blowing and totally worth a bit of effort if you own the game :)

    • One of my favorites during my time with PSVR was Statik. If you like puzzlers it’s worth your time, I think there’s a demo too.

      • Statik is great. Just the right level of difficulty. That thing where you get so annoyed and pissed off that you can’t work out the solution, until you realise it was really bloody obvious all along.

        Also for people who like puzzles, I Expect You To Die is worth a look. And the song at the start is far too entertaining.

  3. Played Detroit in one sitting and absolutely loved it. Less I say the better for those who haven’t yet experienced it.

    Played a significant part of God of War and, put nicely, I’m struggling to see what all the fuss is about. Forcing myself to continue.

    Picking up Vampyr tonight so that should occupy the weekend. Excited for it.

  4. All sorts this week. A couple of the PS+ games. (XCOM2 is trying it’s hardest to embarrass me)

    A lot of Monster Hunter: World. Which is trying the same thing, but I’m making progress. And sometimes it goes wrong when a random hunter comes along and makes it all go wrong.

    News of Guitar Hero Live servers being shut down later this year got me back into that too. (Still sometimes goes wrong when at least 50% of the songs feature shirtless men in their video to try and distract me. Admittedly that’s not the worst problem I’ve ever had with a game)

    And the latest sale tempted me with Burnout Paradise and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

    I need a bigger harddrive.

  5. I completed my first playthrough of Detroit and it was absorbing throughout. Even though i tried to do the “right thing” on my first playthrough i ended up with only one alive – and left that one doomed to an eternity of lonesome despair and heartache, or at least until their power cell ran out. I also permanently freed one particular android, not realising that it would actually be permanent. I’m going to wait until i replay it because QD tweeted that they are working on photo mode, but that it’s difficult because of so many scenes with fixed lighting and DOF.

    And i went from there to XCOM 2 but things are starting to ramp up a bit now, five or six hours in so i’ll see how much further i get.

  6. More GTA Online for me. I’m on the final mission of the Doomsday Heist now and watching other players getting flattened by those mini gun baddies is driving me up the wall! Worse than that are the quitters after only one death! I couldn’t be arsed with it tonight so I booted up Burnout Paradise Remastered and delighted in the eye watering speed and glorious soundtrack. Who needs good graphics when you can barely see what’s flying past your rocket powered heap at Mach 2!

  7. Finished Titanfall 2, played more of Stories: The Path of Destinies (trying to get at least one ending a day, which takes about half an hour and would mean i have them all in about 2 weeks…), started Unravel, played a bit of Trials Fusion from PS+, and i got Vampyr and started that.

  8. I’m about to lose my mind, am extremely excited, cannot remember my name, where I am or what I played this week…

    The Creative Assembly website for Alien:Isolation is currently under maintenance, just ahead of E3…! Could it be..? Is there something, anything incoming about the best video game that was ever created in the history of humankind…?

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