Prey’s New DLC Is Heading To The Moon, Multiplayer Coming Soon

Prey is getting a couple of new game modes as of today including a much requested New Game+ mode, and Survival mode, and their is also new DLC pack is also in the works that will take you to the Moon. Bethesda say the DLC, called Mooncrash, is “infinitely replayable” as the traps, enemies, and loot are all different every time you play.

It also has the best music that has ever been used for an E3 trailer, yass queen!


They have also announced  Typhon Hunter DLC, a “lethal game of hide and seek” multiplayer where one player will be human and the rest will be Typhon aliens who can mimic any object they chose to hide and pounce.

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  1. Fantastic stuff. Looks like my game of the year just got even better.

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