[UPDATE] H1Z1 Offline Tonight For The June PS4 Update, Patch Notes Here

The European servers for H1z1 will be going offline at 11pm GMT tonight, Thursday June 14th, to roll out a new patch and to drop some lovely cosmetic items in to the inboxes of those who have been playing for a while.

UPDATE: It appears the European servers are somewhat borked due to a hardware failure, matchmaking doesn’t seem to be working so probably best to find something else to play tonight.


Here are the notes:


  • Players no longer occasionally spawn and parachute into the extreme edges of the map.
  • Tapping the L1 button now always correctly quick-switches weapons.
  • Players will no longer occasionally be prevented from crouching after exiting a vehicle.
  • Bullets from the M40, CNQ, and MK46 now correctly hit enemies through windows.
  • Fixed a couple of issues where loot could fall inside of walls or through the floors of military tents.
  • Fixed a specific client crash caused by a memory leak.
  • Addressed one connection issue where players might get stuck trying to enter a match.
  • Fixed Kill Feed issues for ignited vehicles, dying to the gas, and falling to your death.
  • Cleaned up the Scout Rifle reload animation when aiming down sights.
  • When a player is killed in a vehicle, their loot bag will eject in a direction based on what seat they were in.
  • Players can now drop Other Ammo without needing to highlight a weapon slot.
  • Bleeding screen effect no longer persists across games after logging out while bleeding.
  • Vehicle HUD no longer incorrectly displays that the vehicle is under EMP effect after the effect has expired.
  • Correct buttons are now displayed when opening the radial menu (weapon or grenade wheel) immediately after exiting a vehicle passenger seat.
  • When pressing R1 to enter throwing stance, the throwable name will no longer display in the HUD.
  • Touchpad is now properly identified as “World Map” in Settings.
  • Beige Suit Jackets no longer drop in player loot bags.
  • Fixed several minor text bugs in the UI.


  • All players from any region who made any PlayStation Store purchase and logged in prior to 4PM PDT/11PM GMT on Thursday, June 14 will receive the Green Dawn Riot Shotgun granted directly to their account as our way of saying “thank you!”
  • Players who complete the email opt-in form will now receive 2 Victory Crates once they’ve confirmed their email address. Players who provided and confirmed their email address previously (before this update) will automatically receive 2 Victory Crates as part of this update.
  • A “Message of the Day” window has been added to the main menu to let players know about events and sales.


Beast Bundles

Get your paws (or claws) on the 3 new bundles available for purchase in-game – the Red Dragon Pack, the Neko-chan Pack, and the all-inclusive Beast Complete Bundle! Featuring two new weapon skins, an Offroader skin, and a helmet, these items are purrfect for showing off your wild style. Purchasing any of these Bundles grants you a Crate that guarantees you ALL the items inside.

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