A Beyond Good & Evil 2 Beta Isn’t Planned Until End Of 2019

Despite the simmering excitement and curiosity surrounding Beyond Good & Evil 2, you shouldn’t expect to be playing it any time soon. The on again, off again nature of its development and seeming complete reboot ahead of last year’s re-announcement means that even with something playable to show at this year’s E3, the game is a long way off.

In fact, while Ubisoft are planning for a beta test to iron out the kinks of large open world and online features, that beta isn’t expected until 2019. “We aim for a playable beta for the end of next year,” Michel Ancel explained on an Instagram post, which should indicate that they’re either working for an end of 2019 final release or early 2020. Heck, that’s far away enough and this is a project so delay prone that we might be seeing it launch on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Whatever.


Source: Instagram via Eurogamer

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