There’s An Official PlayStation Onesie For Tiny People

Purveyors of PlayStation branded products, Numskull, have updated their range to include the ultimate in lazy clothing, an official PlayStation Onesie. It comes in classic original PlayStation grey colour with embroidered logos and also has deep pockets “to hold a gaming controller (or snacks).”

Sounds lovely, but there’s one small problem: It only comes in two sizes,  XS/S and M/L, and that’s utterly useless for people who are the correct, normal size for a human being, such as myself, Teflon, and Ex-TSA boss Peter, who are all 6’5″.


If you are a short-arse then you can pre-order the Onesie – yes, it’s so officially PlayStation it even comes with a pre-order – here.

Source: Numskull

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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.


  1. 6’5″ is not, in any way, a normal size. That’s about 8 inches above average.

    Are they supposed to design these things allowing for an unexpected 8 inches?

    • It is the correct size for a human, everyone else is just short. Tsk.

      • Is it the correct size though?

        Can you fit into an official PlayStation onesie?

        Can you enter a room without having to duck to avoid banging your head on the top of the door?

        Can people look you in the eyes when talking to you, or are they just staring at your nipples?

        The answers to those questions should help you come to terms with your freakish height.

      • I would like to confirm that 6’5″ is the height of a normal human in adult form.

      • There can’t be that many of you lot who are freakishly tall, can there?

        I’m starting to suspect some of you are actually 2 children wearing a long coat.

    • I’m with MrYd, although I would say anything over 5′ 6″ is abnormal :)

      • Well, that depends. 5’6″ is a perfectly normal height.

        If you’re a lady.

        Or a small child.

    • Couldn’t one put one’s extra inches into the deep pockets? Or is that where one keeps one’s fidget spinner?

  2. I don’t think I’ll be spending £30 for one, if it was £5 I still wouldn’t buy one.
    I do like the DS controller zip pull though.

  3. Nice! Good to see they’ve got more of those coasters too, I love my little volume 1 set! The best bit of tat is that memory card bottle opener, want!

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