GTA Online Adds Nightclubs Next Month

The GTA Online Nightclub Update will be released next month allowing you to run your very own nightclub in Los Santos. DJs Dixon and Solomun and artists The Black Madonna and Tale Of Us will be performing in the club and Rockstar say this will be honest work, a perfect cover for your more nefarious business dealings.

As someone who ran a nightclub for sixteen years I’m wondering how realistic this will be. Will you have to be up at 6am to blow up hundreds of balloons? Will you have to stay completely sober for 12 hours whilst everyone else has the time of their lives? Will your DJ’s inexplicably cancel their sets for no particular reason, or turn up and be complete divas who really need a slap and be told “You’re just playing bloody records, get over yourself!”?


Also there has to be at least three drunk people who hassle the DJ’s and demand that they should play Rihanna “because it will get everyone dancing.”

Source: Rockstar

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  1. What club did you run?

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