July’s PlayStation Plus Games Includes Heavy Rain & Absolver

PlayStation Plus has got another great month ahead of it as Sony announced that Heavy Rain and Absolver will be the two PlayStation 4 games joining the Instant Games Collection. It’s less exciting elsewhere, but there’s a lot to like about being able to return to Quantic Dreams’ boundary pushing game, and Absolver is a fascinating pseudo MMO full of martial arts fighting – find our review here.

Here’s the six games joining the service on 3rd July:


There’s also Black Ops III as a free download until 11th July, which was a nice surprise announced at E3, and don’t forget to grab XCOM 2 and Trials Fusion before they leave PS+.

Source: EU PS Blog

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  1. Looking forward to giving Heavy Rain a go! I must be the only one who never has.

    • You’re actually not the only one..! I got the PS3 version of it deep down buried in my pile of shame, unplayed. But I got an excuse now and can skip right to the PS4 version … ;o)

      • Oh dear, I hope that’s not a full price copy ;) And it could still be a while off for you if you’re still playing Ginger the Dinobot Slayer. Enjoying it?

    • I usually bought games back then on Amazon UK for about £20. Nowadays I avoid Amazon, and mostly avoid buying games altogether… ;o)

      Yeah, it looks like I’m going to play HZD for a moment, it just started to grow on me. Feels good riding the hacked bots and climbing on top of this walking USS Enterprise thing was also quite nice… :o)

  2. So long since I played Heavy Rain. Someone remind me. How do you Jason?

    • Press.. something… can’t remember…

      • Damn, more podcasts shouting Jason in my ear. That isn’t distracting as a Jason :)

      • Jason. Jason? JAYYYSONNN! Jason! JASON? JAYYYSON! Jason… JAYSON! Jason? JAYYYSONNN!!! Jason? Jason! JAYSONNNN… JAYYYSONNN???

        I can’t even look at people called ‘Jason’ after this game 😂

      • I’d happily pay for a DLC which changes “Jason!” to Kratos saying “Boy!”

  3. Absolver has been something that’s interested me since it launched but I always hoped for a demo.
    Not a bad Plus month at all.

  4. I’vebeen meaning to pick up Heavy Rain again so that’s a plus. I completed it on PS3 a few times but i haven’t returned to it since the PS4 launched.

  5. Sounds good, and I will finally give Heavy Rain a go on the PS4, but I already got the other interesting game of the bunch, Zero, on the Vita. Might give Rayman on the PS3 a go once in a while, even if it’s just to see how it holds up to Legends on the PS4.

  6. Just to point out it’s Rayman 3 HD, not simply “Rayman HD”

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