What We Played #366 – The Persistence, Mothergunship & Tempest 4000

Even without a steady stream of international football to while away the time, this week has flown. How is it already Friday? How did I get so little tangible stuff done?

In truth, there’s plenty of behind the scenes stuff that’s happened with TheSixthAxis. For one thing, we’ve made some long overdue backend changes which you may or may not have noticed. The once broken pagination has now been fixed, so you can browse back through time in our reviews and features, a bunch of embedding issues have been sorted, and more. It’s just the start of what we have in mind for the site in the second half of this year. Stay tuned!

My week saw me travel up to visit Firesprite in Liverpool to play The Persistence. You might not have heard the name before, but they’re a studio whose work is on literally every PlayStation 4, as they developed The Playroom with Studio Japan. They were also founded by a group of former Studio Liverpool staff, which should be enough to make a fair few people sit up and take notice.

Aside from that, I shared my thoughts on the spiritual successor to Theme Hospital, Two Point Hospital, and I’ve continued to play Octopath Traveler on Nintendo Switch and not a lot else. It’s a lovely game and I’m finally coming to the end of my time with it, at which point I’ll serve up our review of the game.

Tuffcub’s continued to tuck into his regular of H1Z1, but complimented it with Detroit, Red Faction Guerrilla multiplayer, Defiance 2050, Tempest 4000 and finished of the “v good” A Way Out. He also downloaded Hungry Shark World on his phone, which kind of invalidated the need for him to buy it on PS4. It’s got blood on mobile, but not on PS4, for some reason.

Ade kept things simple this week, finishing some side quests in God of War and hunting Valkyries, while Gamoc had an interrupted week that only let him review Mothergunship and a little of Castaway Paradise, which he can’t talk about yet.

It was also Mothergunship for Jason, which he described as “wonderfully frenetic”, and has been playing Semblance and Dead Cells for review, “both of which are definitely games.” Good to know. Thanks, Jason!

There’s been a lot of games in Miguel’s life, as usual. He reviewed Shining Resonance Refrain, beat God Hand, finished off Superhot and got in a bunch of time with Monster Hunter World. He’s also been taking his first dive into the Contra series with Hard Corps Uprising.

Finally, Dom’s been having fun with missing trains today, but aside from the stress of having to drive up to Scotland instead, he battled through the disappointing Earthfall, the much better Danger Zone 2, and played Mooseman on Switch, which is “different”. He’s also continued to play Jurassic World Evolution (or J-World Evo as I call it), treated himself to Octopath Traveler, and he’s got a weekend of stealthy horrors ahead of him, as he’ll be reviewing The Persistence for us.

But what about you? What have you played this past week?

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  1. After completing Witcher 3 last month followed by a solid run at Ni No Kuni 2 (finished in around 50 hours) I’ve now found myself back to Witcher for more adventures with Geralt! Completed Hearts of Stone early this week, which has an absolutely brilliant story, and now heavily invested in Blood and Wine which is utterly gorgeous. In between Witchering have been enjoying Onrush online with my brother which is immense fun, along with some DBFZ and a few Indies here and there. The backlog is finally coming down and I feel like I’ve really achieved something in gaming this year! Good thing too seeing as we have a spate of solid releases just around the corner…

  2. My ears pricked up at the mention of Studio Liverpool, then I saw VR horror and felt that nervous confliction, a bit like when you’re watching Love Island and they suggest you get the app and vote on something. More interesting is Dangerzone 2, I forgot to read the review earlier in the week, that’s my evening sorted!

    Just Gravity Rush 2 for me, it was getting very repetitive especially since I was mopping up all side missions and challenges between story missions, but then I got to unlocking the Lunar style and veriety gushed back in. It’s not the best paced game, probably could’ve done with a 100 pigeon collectible and shorter side missions, but it’s still very good.

  3. Mostly the same various things as recent weeks.

    Lumines has me addicted all over again. Got another of the trophies for the time attack mode. That’s the 180 second one done. The 320 squares in 300 seconds is proving tricky. 312 is a really annoying score to get.

    And I’m playing through all of the Walking Dead before the final season (thanks to the preorder freebie). Finished season 1, having forgotten how upsetting some bits are. On to 400 days next I guess.

    There may have been a bit of Skyrim VR again. By “a bit”, I obviously mean “many, many hours, despite my face melting”. Other VR fun was restricted to more of Bridge Crew. Still too much fun. One minute you’re playing it far too seriously (when you take out a cloaked Romulan ship on the Enterprise-D with a combination of 3 different roles working together to set it up nicely for a torpedo), the next you’re messing about and deciding that the lady that sits next to the captain and says really unhelpful stuff is forever going to be called “Susan”. People who don’t know this get confused when she says “Incoming hail. Putting it on screen” and you just say “Thankyou, Susan”.

    And quite a bit of Rainbow Skies too. Inevitably, it’s got a fishing mini game. Just because it borrows stuff from every RPG ever. Even the bits it shouldn’t. Like a fishing mini-game.

    Oh, and some Destiny 2. Think I’ve finished off all the main story missions (and for the expansions). Now it’s the “how long can I repeat things in the hope of getting better equipment?” bit.

    • Sounds like you need air-con for your VR, time to get a giant desk fan?

      • With the weather lately, I’d need to attach a fan to the headset.

        This would be a terrible plan with my hair. I’d last 3 seconds before it got all tangled up.

        Also, does a giant desk fan not need a giant desk?

      • You have a point, but I’d say not necessarily…

      • Is this one of those situations where you see something on the internet and then wait months for the right sharing opportunity to come along?

        If so, you’re welcome.

        Also, got anything with a startled badger you’d like to share?

      • How did you know! And not a startled one, but you did remind me of badger badger mushroom, probably the pinnacle of flash animation earworms.

  4. Get Heavy Rain Platinum on Sunday or was it Monday? Lol
    Still play H1 daily
    Lastly been playing Darksiders II (again free from Plus)
    I have just pre-ordered the PS4 1TB Pro of the Amazing Spiderman xD
    Roll on the 7th September (although the 8th, ’cause I have a wedding party on that night)

  5. Good to hear there’s work ongoing with the site, looking forward to seeing what’s in store!

    This week i just played some more NMS while i nurse my shoulder tendon – but it’s healing quickly now and i’ll be all ready for NEXT week …
    Lot’s more details released today and i might need a lie down to let it all sink in. The previous updates were all significant but the NEXT update is simply staggering!

  6. Started the week with the Crew 2 platinum,more save the world in Fortnite meet,mid week was back to Shadow Warrior 2 meet as everyone was back off there hols,tonight’s meet either Defiance,Diablo or GTAV and in between lots of Moonlighter.

  7. So I haven’t really played any games this week but I did catch the new Tomb Radier movie and liked it for the most part. Remove the ridiculous bike scenes and the heavy-handed attempts at making Lara relatable to hipsters and it’s actually a decent Tomb Raider (Reboot) movie.

    • I liked it too and going in I was very apprehensive. I especially thought Alicia Vikander was excellent in the role and grew admirably throughout the movie.

  8. I managed to bag the platinums for Fallout Shelter and Burnout Paradise this week, I haven’t got a platinum for ages so 2 in a week felt good.

    Other than that I’ve been playing some Defiance 2050, it’s OK, not bad, I quite like the shared open world and taking part in large, multiplayer, cooperative events.

  9. Not really much gaming this week, but I’ve played some Rayman Legends, Elite Dangerous, and I switched on my PS3 to go back to FEZ, and it still works (after loading all controllers which have not been used for a long time).

    • Boah…! Commenting works again like a charm..! Great..! :o)

    • I’ve got a feeling Fez is cross-play and does it’s own cloud saving, so you might be able to carry on from your PS3 save on PS4.

      • There was definitely cross-save from PS3 to PS Vita.

        Also, pro tip: you can plug your DualShock 4 into a PS3 with a USB cable and it works! In fact, you can actually use it wirelessly: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-07-02-how-to-use-a-dualshock-4-wirelessly-with-a-ps3

      • Now, that would be cool, have to try that..! Thanks for the tip..!

        In fact, we were actually automatically switching on the PS4 first, and it showed some FEZ trophies, but no save. But then it did not show them either on the PS3, because we first had to connect the PS3 to the network, then log on with my English account with the PS Plus to reactivate the game license, and then the saves were showing on my normal account on the PS3. So, they might also on the PS4 now…
        However, given I don’t play on my Plus account, it might still not work, but I’ll try.

        @Stefan: Thanks, that sounds awesome, I wasn’t aware of it, I’ll definitely try that too, as my PS3 controllers seem to be fading, battery-wise. And, having the sound output of a PS4 controller available for PS3 games would actually make things much more convenient for me..! :o)

      • Andrewww, the Fez cloud games are within the games main menu, not the regular console saves, hope that helps :)

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