F1 2018’s Latest Dev Diary Is All About R&D

The F1 2018 videos and trailers are coming thick and fast, as Codemasters showcase how they’re evolving and adding to their latest rendition of the sport.

This time out, Lee Mather steps back in front of the camera to talk about the car research and development systems. This includes how they’re making upgrades come thicker and faster, but also adding a “fog of war” to the complex menu system so you won’t be 100% certain where the biggest improvements can be found. The Energy Recovery System is also a part of this system now.


Each team now has a bespoke R&D tree based on how they’re performing and are looking to improve in real life. Running multiple seasons in the sport will also see rule changes coming along to shake up the order. You’ll have to decide when and where to spend your efforts to try and then protect the work you’ve done on the various parts of your car.

F1 2018 is out on 24th August for PS4, Xbox One and PC

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  1. I like the r & d changes to this years game especially the random rule changes for the following season which can change the hierarchy of the teams. You won’t know if it’s better to change teams or stick with the one you’re with.
    I cannot see ferrari being happy if they start the next season down the order, even if it’s just in the game.

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