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A Big Update Is Coming To Onrush In August, Despite Reported Layoffs

Carry on Onrush

A couple days ago we reported on Onrush developers Codemasters Evo being hit by round of layoffs, following disappointing sales of their arcade racer genre mash-up. However, the game is still out and while a number of senior staff have departed the studio, they’re still putting the final touches to a major update for the game.

The “something a lot of you have been asking for” sounds like it would be ranked play, which hasn’t been enabled since launch and could help spice up the multiplayer action a little. Meanwhile, Evo are still alive and kicking as a studio, even with the various departures, and it’s good to hear that they plan to carry on supporting the game and its burgeoning community.

Source: Twitter

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One Comment
  1. TheShepanator
    Since: Nov 2009

    That’s really sad, especially considering Evolution’s recent history with Sony.
    I hope they all do well, and Onrush becomes more successful!

    Comment posted on 28/07/2018 at 20:48.