Check Out The Gorgeous Campaign Map From Total War: Three Kingdoms

Turn-based strategy games don’t need to be super pretty, but it certainly does help when you’re spending dozens and dozens of hours bending the entire game world to your will. Over the years, the campaign maps in Total War games have come to be some of the prettiest around, and that’s before you then consider that they also have huge real time battles with thousands of soldiers.

With the main series returning to the real world after its Warhammer fantasy jollies (OK, so there was Total War Saga’s British sojourn as well), Three Kingdoms is taking players to ancient China for the first time and the period of civil war and strife featured in the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms.


Sun Jian, The Tiger of Jiangdong, is just one of the playable warlords within the game, and it’s through the lens of his story that we get to see both some more of the in-game cinematics, the political squabbling, and the gorgeous campaign map.

Total War: Three Kingdoms is planned for release in Spring 2019.

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  1. Really wish there was stuff like this on console.

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