Onrush Ranked Mode Is Going Live Today

Codemasters Evo are staying the course for a while longer with their planned support and expansion of Onrush. While the game hasn’t lit up the tills and has reportedly seen a number of senior staff laid off from the studio, today sees Evo adding ranked play to the game.

Ranked play with have a seasonal form, with the next two weeks a pre-season leading up to the Summer Slam event that will start on 27th August. That will then run for eight weeks, unlocking new celebrations, new character outfits, vehicle shells, liveries, XP bonuses and Tombstones.


The pre-season is there to place players according to their skill level, with a handful of ranks and sub-ranks. From there, your rank will go up and down depending on your performance.

  • Bronze – Jack, Queen, King, Ace
  • Silver – Jack, Queen, King, Ace
  • Gold – Jack, Queen, King, Ace
  • Platinum – Jack, Queen, King, Ace

Going into detail on the seasonal rewards, Kris Pope, Lead Designer explained that “Each season will feature eight challenge cards, with a new card being unlocked every week. Each of these cards has three rewards that a player can earn by winning matches. Each win will earn the player 100 points towards each card. However, a player can increase the points they earn towards each card by unlocking seasonal win bonuses.”

If you picked up Onrush over the last couple of months, are you still tucking into the game? Will ranked play keep you going with its arcade racer genre mash-up?

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  1. It will give me a reason to return to the game for sure. I really like it but the online had become a bit of a ghost town, hopefully this will spark a revival.

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